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Here is an article about my career path which was recently published. Hope you enjoy it!

“I believe in a World where EVERYONE can heal from trauma and achieve happiness.” says Victoria Vives Khuong, founder of The Earth Angel Collective.

A former actress and television show host on Spanish prime time television, Victoria’s life took a radical turn after a near death experience and kundalini awakening in 1997. She was given a second chance at living that she used to start a path in both Healing Arts and Martial Arts. With a renewed appreciation for the precious little time life provides, and the rampant pain and suffering in the world, she longed to provide a solution to make the world a happier place. Victoria opened a Healing Arts School in 2011, making it her life mission to train Healers, creating a ripple effect helping people heal, overcome deep seated trauma, and ultimately achieve self-actualization and happiness.

Victoria-Vives-Editorial-VogueFast forward to 2023, she has trained over 4,000 practitioners and teachers internationally and created The Earth Angel Collective to solve the major challenges that Healers experience during their training and their careers. The Earth Angel Collective is a heart led Soul Tribe with all that a healer needs to heal themselves, their lineage, and become successful practitioners, with a powerful support system through mentoring and community both online and in person.

Two of the primary challenges that Healers experience, shares Vives Khuong, are a feeling of isolation and the inability to generate the needed income from their healing practice. Having a deep desire to help others but without a soul family that understands and shares their journey, the work becomes a lonely and exhausting uphill battle. As heart-centered individuals, they also tend to struggle with the business side of their work, focusing only on giving without asking for adequate compensation leading to failure in business. Having experienced this herself, Victoria Vives Khuong developed powerful business and spiritual/social support frameworks, through the Earth Angel Collective, to give all Healers the foundation they need to succeed.

“I know what it is to feel as though your life’s purpose is going to waste, feeling lost without a guide or a community to keep you on track, and that is why I created the Earth Angel Collective.” shares Vives Khuong.

Victoria-Vives-Khuong-Flying-KickA hostess in prime time television, with appearances in the Olympic Games Hymn candidacy, Rolling Stones magazine, VOGUE, Universal Studios, ESPN, and more, Victoria felt a deeper calling in her life and so left the entertainment business to work with mentors from around the world and learn to heal herself and others. She went on to become part of several world renown Healing lineages and master an array of powerful modalities. She created the Healing Library, an online platform where Healers all around the world can access training in all the major healing modalities from world renown lineages and receive 12 certifications in Energy Healing. Although having left television, Victoria used her skills in entertainment to reach the hearts and souls of many with her YouTube channels both in Healing Arts and Martial Arts with a combined 6 Million Views and her Sacred Frequencies videos which allowed her to expand her reach and assist hundreds of thousands through Sound Healing.

Victoria-Vives-Khuong-#1-BestsellerShe is also the #1 International Bestselling Author in 40 categories in 4 countries of the book “In A Matter of Seconds” and the hostess of The Divine Sexuality podcast in an effort to help women heal their Divine Feminine essence.

Victoria-Vives-Khuong-RetreatThe Earth Angel Collective is a dream come true for those who are looking for a Healing career path and to become the best Healers that they can be. You can learn more about this life-changing opportunity to live your life purpose as a Healer at or book a Complimentary Consultation at

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