Fun Face or Focus FaceHow much of your day is FUN FACE vs FOCUS FACE?

Being a Healing Arts teacher, some people envision me meditating in a lotus position and hands in prayer all day. Well, that would be nice 🙂

Our Ancestors lived differently. There was the one person in the tribe that people would go to for healing. Today, with the ocean of distraction and information, we have to shine through the waves before connecting with our tribe. So there is a strong BEHIND THE SCENES component such as business skills which can be fun, however, it will require a certain level of FOCUS FACE.

Once the connecting/business part is figured out, responsibilities and stress might get to an all time high and you might realize that not only you need to know your craft and have business skills, but you also need effective SELF-CARE and a COMMUNITY to help you recharge, aka, the healer needs healing!

I learned this the hard way and it costed me, so I didn’t want my students to suffer the same and that is why Self-Care, Community support, and Business for Healers skills are part of my 1 Yr Healing Arts programs. So needed!!

How are you keeping up with those aspects in your life?

PS: @marshallartsphotography got me insitu, when I was actually working on my computer and talking to my team on Skype! Good shots!

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