During a meditation with friends, they expressed how they could feel and hear their hearts, and they tried to help me with my awareness of my own heartbeat. However, it just didn’t work for me at that time.

Since then, I wanted to connect more and more with my inner self to bring more of its light to my external presence and experience. I wanted this for many reasons, as the ones I shared in my previous post “BE REAL” www.victoriavives.com/be-real. It just makes life so much easier, meaningful and beautiful, and our impact on others, the world and our collective matrix becomes much more positive.

The practice of Meditation helped me very much.

Meditating can be very simple. You can just close your eyes for a few seconds and focus on your body sensations and your breathing. This simple action will create an opening in any cluttered mind and life. The benefits and progress towards experiencing more peace and alignment with your heart will start.

Four years ago I started creating recordings for myself to help me focusing during my meditations. I found this very helpful. I would play these recordings at any time of the day, just to feel good, centered, calm and positive. I have never shared them publicly. However, I recently started guiding meditations for others to help them connect with their hearts and become more resourceful and empowered.

I saw the possibility of sharing this empowerment with more and more people and got so excited about it, that I created a guided mediation audio to help you become more aware of your inner sound as well as give you greater confidence to achieve your goals. This meditation has beautiful background music with a magical element – a heartbeat, to make you more and more aware of that kind of sound and help you recognizing it inside yourself. So this is another way in which you can meditate.

But there is more magic to the story…

A Superhero Graduate from The 5 Superhero Secrets, happened to be a professional music producer in England with fourteen years of experience. His name, Simon Cooper. He contacted me sharing how in just one month applying The 5 Superhero Secrets he achieved a major breakthrough in his career! This story created a beautiful connection between he and I and we decided to collaborate in this meditation together, through emails, in the distance, his music and my meditation together to empower the world – everything is possible!

We soon gave birth to Meditation for Superheroes!

I often play it in the background throughout my day, over and over, just to tune myself into a frequency of bliss. It just feels soothing. I want to share these benefits I have been experiencing with you, so you have one more way in which you can connect with your inner world and potential.

I have been known for my fighting skills, through which I desire to bring you empowerment and excitement.  Now I am very happy to share these more soothing feelings with you to bring also peace and well-being to your life!

Visit www.Guided-Meditation-Techniques.org to learn more about this audio and about Meditation in general!

– Victoria Vives

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