A Home to Live InBOOK DAY 10: Growing up in Spain, I feared not having a roof to live under and the absence of that security felt devastating.

Later, when I came to Los Angeles, I risked being homeless as I did not have money, work, or family here, but this sky felt like a home to my soul and I knew I would be ok.

During my first year living in LA, I did not necessarily have a home, but I never considered myselfhomeless because I always found a way to make things work out. Oh my, the adventures I’ve been through! Can’t wait to share with you in my upcoming book “In a Matter of Seconds”. I have learned to accomplish what seemed impossible and turn the worst of situations around with a few very powerful techniques.

Now, my life is bountiful and beautiful in ways I never would have imagined. I married my soulmate, I have deepened my relationships with family, we own two houses in Los Angeles and Madrid, which are gathering places for nurturing our communities of like minded kindred spirits with whom we are changing the world.

I am forever grateful and I feel very very fortunate!