Hi!  My name is Victoria Vives!  Pleased to meet you ^_^  In this “About” page I would like to focus on How 2B a Superhero, but if you would like to learn a lot about me, you can read Victoria Vives IMDB bio or visit Victoria Vives Martial Art Background. Check it out!

– About This Site:  I am extremely excited to promote Superheroism in the world through this website.  I do it in a couple of different ways:

1) If I can do it, YOU can do it – Inspiring others by showing off what I do

2) By offering you as many resources and tools as I find to back you up in your Superhero journey

I am always happy to hear from you about new ways to achieve Superhuman abilities, so feel free to contact me for that and other matters!  With that said, I want to announce that:

How 2B a Superhero has begun!

– About How 2B a Superhero:  How 2B a Superhero is a movement to unite a new breed of real superheroes.  I would like to share with you the ultimate resources to unleash the Superhero in YOU!  Strategies that you can use to excel in your physical abilities, health, mental capacity, and achieve anything you want in life!

Whether you are a Martial Artist, a Business Person, a Housewife or Homemaker, or any other role you might be identify with (I actually enjoy being all those three ^_^) YOU are part of this vision and I need YOU to make it happen!  The world of the future starting NOW!

Past generations achieved incredible advancements: building industries, cities, systems, and technology.  These are all external accomplishments.  Now, we, the new generation of Superheroes, will add extraordinary mastery by developing our internal abilities and natural sources.

This way, an integration of both complementary aspects will occur: superheroes living in a superworld of nature AND technology, in a world of unity, wholeness and excitement!  The sky’s the limit, and not even that!

FREE Resource:  The 5 Superhero Secrets

I look forward to connecting with you on the next level!  Access your free copy of The 5 Superhero Secrets audio series, my present to contribute to unleashing the Superhero in YOU!  Just put your name and email in the form below and the mp3 download will be instantly yours.  To your SUPERPOWERS!  YAYY!!!

Another FREE Resource:  The Sphere

You will also have granted access to the private training area The Sphere which is periodically updated with new amazing tools and Superhero resources!!!!!


VISION for “How 2B a Superhero” – A World of Superheroes!