I am writing this for a beautiful friend that was not feeling at her best these days.  I would like to make this writing available for you too, to support you if you would need it.

If you are not feeling at your best these days, I want to share with you that I was in a similar state for many many years, in a place of strong hurt – the dark night of the soul, as they call it.  It was such a long night that I thought it would never end and that I just had been born that way, however, IT DOES END.

It is not that 100% of my life now is all flowers, but most of it is.  I have cleaned enough inside myself, becoming aware of the many patterns I carried and of the energies of the world that we live in.  I can now “surf the waves” when they come and some of them don’t even get to form anymore because I am not contributing to creating them with lack of awareness/consciousness, e.g.: by reactive behavior, resistance, avoidance…  So the waters of the ocean of life can more easily flow and less “waves” get to form.

There are dormant parts within ourselves that are in darkness.  These are part of oneself but also of our lineage, our community, and our collective.  Most people don’t take care of them and allow themselves to be as busy as our society keeps us, without time/space to FEEL, so their lives are directed by these hidden forces in the collective subconscious we are all part of and we all contribute to, normally without awareness.

When we interact with our collective without awareness, we do so in a reactive way as opposed to a reflective way.  We reinforce and magnetize what is already there as opposed to create a new paradigm.

In some cases, the pain and hurt is just unbearable and we have no choice but to FEEL it and no distraction would do.  So we look into this discomforting almost scary dark place and start taking responsibility for our co-creation.  When that occurs, we transform the way in which we relate to these forces and the situations they bring to us, when we bring them into FEELING, we allow ourselves awareness and as we don’t push them away the feeling itself opens a new door, becoming a strong catalyst that activates the unexplored potential within us which lies behind that darkness.

We start to truly discover the mysteries of life, not only the intricate hidden details of our time and age, but also, we get a sense of what occurred since the beginning of humankind and how things originated, how the stream of pearls came to this day and to our personal life, because we are detangling the energies and unraveling the truth behind all illusion.  When we free ourselves we also free the collective as the untangled energies bathe us all.

Your pain is not yours alone, please remember that.

You are doing an amazing work to heal the world.  FEEL fearlessly with all your heart and call on the strength of the Divine Mother (Mother Earth, Mary, Yemaya, Mary Magdalene…) so that they embrace you and give you support in this time of stretching your heart in such way.

Then reflect and find the things that you may be learning due to this deepening – YOU ARE STRONGLY EXPANDING YOUR AWARENESS even if you are not assimilating this consciously yet.  You are bringing light to the darkness, bridging and integrating aspects back into Oneness.

Some helpful things:

* COLLECT HAPPINESS:  Keep a Happiness Journal, writing when you go to bed the three things that you are grateful for from that day and as you fall asleep, just think about them and milk them.  In the morning read these three things and write anything that comes up for you.

* GO TO NATURE:  Go for a stroll, hug a tree, enjoy the elements (sun, water, earth, wind).

* HAPPY FREQUENCIES:  Choose very consciously what you watch or listen too.  This is like eating emotions, so choose well from the menu!  Especially when going to bed and waking up, since these will influence all the rest.

* FRIENDS:  Surround yourself by uplifting friends who are available also for listening to your true feelings and still see you in your best light.  If you share with other circles, you may get anchored in energies that may lengthen the sadness or hide it without processing it OR they may want to distract you from your true feelings in avoidance, which means that the issue will still be there and will show up again.  You may want to find a spiritual or healing circle to surround yourself with more awareness and support.

* SURRENDER:  Trust the process and surrender to it without fighting it.  This is not a sign of weakness or being won over, instead, it is trust in the process of your own life unfolding.


Remember that I LOVE YOU <3


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