Humbling ExperienceAh, this picture brings me beautiful memories with my beloved!

In a few months, we will celebrate our 15th Anniversary. I wish I could tell you it was all a path of thornless roses.

As real as it can get, this week we had a few tough days due to stress. It happens. Friction is part of relationships and, allegorically and literally, scratches the surface of our facade. This allow us to look into the depths of who we really are, revealing our inner light and shadow to one another.

It is humbling yet human raw truth experience. When we cross the hurricane and appear on the other side partly defeated and exhausted, partly triumphant, the kiss of reconciliation brings joy and sparkles unlike anything I know. It is the sweetest coming back home after an arduous exile.

So all I can say is “I love you beloved. Thank you for this journey together we call life”.

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