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Victoria: Hey Superhero! This is Victoria Vives, and this is Unleash The Superhero In You – Q&A, a series of interviews especially designed to back you up in your Superhero journey.

And today with us is here Matt Sison! He is an Hypnotherapist and Meditational Guide.  He has helped clients deal with issues such as weight loss, addictions, fears and some of Matt’s clients include professional Athletes and Entertainers, who rely on him to enhance their athletic and creative talents.  He is also a Martial Artist.

Wow!  Awesome!  How are you Matt?

Matt: I’m doing great!  I’m doing wonderful.

Victoria: Thank you for coming here today.

Matt: Thank you for having me .


Victoria: First of all, I would like for you to describe, what Hypnotherapy is.

Matt: Ok, so there are many types of Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis.  The ones you see like onstage Hypnosis shows or the traditional ones is something called Direct Suggestion Hypnosis, which I do, and there is one other particular type of Hypnotherapy that I focus on, which is Age Regression Hypnosis, to help find the root cause of what is happening physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Victoria: Ok, wow!  Very cool!  I like it.  I like better that one.  Ok, I would like to know how you started in Hypnotheraphy and also what was the origin of Hypnotherapy?

Matt: Well, I would say whenever somebody asks me that, I would say I was kind of born into it, because if you write down the word Hypnosis in capital letters and you turn it upside down you see the first five letters are my name.  My last name

Victoria: Oh my God!  Are you serious?  Oh, that’s awesome!

Matt: Yes, S-I-S-O-N-P-Y-H.  So I always say I was kind of born into it, but when I was nine years of age I read my first book on Hypnosis and around that time my brother was a Psychiatrist and was in Psychiatry school, so he did a little induction on me he was practicing with a type of Hypnosis.

I was a little kid, nine years old, and he puts his index finger on my chest as I am laying down in the floor and he says “You can’t get up”.  So next thing I know I am like stuck in the ground “I can’t get up, I can’t get up, what did you do to me?”

So I got fascinated with Hypnosis and I picked up a book, I started reading it and then from there it just kind of grew into everything I did.

As far as the second part of the question, Hypnosis, well, it depends of where you want to focus on when it started.

The Hypnosis, the word by itself, started around the nineteenth century with James  Braid, from the Greek word HYPNOS meaning to sleep, which is actually kind of false, because in Hypnosis you are actually not asleep, I guess we can talk about that if you want, but trance, hypnosis, I mean, we have been doing this since the beginning of mankind, everybody is been trying always to influence somebody else through some kind of, um, whether is actions, words or deeds, and that is Hypnosis in itself.

 Victoria: Cool!  That is very interesting.  I am glad that you are sharing all of this.  I would like to know why did you choose Hypnotherapy instead of other styles or you know, of therapies, what makes it more Superhero-like, what makes it special for you, and also how the way that you practice it is more powerful than other styles?

Matt: Ok, that’s a lot, ok, why did I choose that system?  Ok, first of all, like I said, I think I am born into that idea of Hypnotherapy. And I didn’t really… I knew that I wanted to help people but I don’t really think I wanted to help somebody just like a, and it is very powerful, like psychology or counseling, it is just too much consciousness and too analytical.

I wanted to dive more to the feeling, to the subconscious mind of why it is important, because many times we try to consciously think our way out of something, but if the feeling is too strong, you are not going to be able to.

It is like somebody go on a diet, they know a donut is fattening, they can come up with all those reasons for it, but they can analyze and rationalize but as soon as they get to about two o’clock in the afternoon, that feeling starts to come up, all old pattern, the emotions, the perceptions, and that little voice start coming up saying “Oh, you can get away with this, you can just have a bite” and next thing one bite, two bites…

But primarily I got to it because I was interested, I used to be a fitness for ten years, and I wanted to get in Hypnosis because I wanted to help my clients that where stuck, you know, even though they were doing everything right, there was still something that was stuck and I could tell that it was mentally.

So I started studying Hypnosis and I wanted to do it for weight loss for my clients and quit smoking and all that stuff, but then I started to realize that I had deeper results if you look deeper into somebody’s patterns with Hypnosis, regression and you find the root cause in the age regression and then I just got totally fascinated from that.

Victoria: Yeah, I can imagine.  Cool.  And how can it help our Superheroes in evolving their inner and outer aspects?

Matt: Yeah, specifically age regression.  When I think about it I think of like the scene in “Superman”, if you remember, it was toward the end of the movie when Christopher Reeve, and the big earthquake, and Lois Lane.  He couldn’t save Lois Lane, right?

So Lois Lane was dead in his arms, and the next thing you know he gets really angry really upset and starts flying up to the skies, right?  Fly, fly, fly and all of the sudden all these voices from his dad, he is telling him not to do this, not to do that, not to change history, but he ignores it.

He goes out of the atmosphere and he starts spinning the Earth around in the other direction, and basically that was supposed to signify that it is also spinning time in the other direction, and after he spun it around, he was able to spin time so he can actually go it and save Lois this time.

 And that is kind like age regression hypnosis, because sometimes we need to trail back and find some of the events that caused major shifts inside of us, so that we can release the feeling and the perception.

Because if we have a feeling long enough, it is going to create a perception.  If we have a perception long enough, it is going to create a believe.  If we have a believe long enough, it is going to create a behavior.  If we have a behavior long enough, it will create our reality.

All starting from a feeling that was created at a certain time in your life.  So if we can go back and find those major events, release the feelings, find what is underneath and bring it to the surface, and always what is underneath after ten years of doing this, always, if you release the stuff from the top, always that connection to God, Universe… whatever you want to call it.  The connection to all possibilities, and then that is going to come out to the surface.


Victoria: Yeah, Superhero power!  Ha ha ha!  Cool!

Matt: And I will fly one day.

Victoria: Oh!  Me too!  Yeah, I want to fly too, we have to do that.  Let’s practice.  What was the best advice that you were given and that you remember that changed your life in the right direction?

Matt: Yeah, um, training martial arts, I had a wonderful Kung Fu instructor and I didn’t know about then because I was about eighteen, nineteen, twenty years of age, so, you know, stuff you learn early on you don’t really how it affects you until later, but he was a wonderful teacher.

He taught me not only about martial arts but about life as well.  And one of the things that he always used to tell me, he used to say “Matt, you know?  People will pay you to be their friend” and I remember hearing that and at first I was kind of shocked by it, people paying?  I don’t want people to have to pay me to be their friend.

But then I realized the deep message behind that is that a lot of people are so starved for a friendship, a real friendship, a true friendship, somebody that is really listening to them, and then all of the sudden I got it, like, you know what?  It happens almost everywhere we go.  We are paying for people’s friendships.

And when I see people whether it is through business, or whether it is going to buy donuts at the baker shop, and all of the sudden talking to the baker, you know, we are always paying for that interaction, so it made me realize how deep that was.

Obviously money is important, but I think that from that moment forward, I made it a real attempt to be somebody’s friend without having to have money so much involved when I could.   I will always listen and that also added to my skill of Hypnotherapy.

Victoria: That’s cool, yeah, actually we met through Internet and I feel like I really know you, ha ha ha!

Matt: Yes.  I know, I feel I know you too.

Victoria: Ok, um, what would be the best advice that you would give to people that want to achieve their maximum potential in life.

Matt: So many people are scared or always worried about some of their negative feelings, their negative emotions, their dark side, right?  But if we look at what Einstein said, Einstein said “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred or transformed”.  And as dark as the energy may get, instead to running from it, learn how to transform that energy.

If you can transform that energy, look into it, because it is really trying to tell us something that is out of alignment, so we can get back to alignment.  So once we can listen to it, find ways to release the old feelings and perceptions, that energy will shift so that we can use it from what we want

Victoria: I love it!  I remember i heard this from you and it was one of the things that made me say “I have to interview him”.  What is your latest project?


Matt: Well, I got kind of several projects running.  I have right now, next week actually, I am teaching a workshop for Hypnotherapists, age regression Hypnosis, that is going to be in Park City.  We have them throughout the year.  That is if you are a Hypnotherapist or if you want to learn about Hypnotherapy.

But right now, the one project that I am really proud of, the one I really enjoy, that you actually tested it out for me and I want to thank you for it, is a meditation CD and it is based solely on breathing although I incorporate Hypnosis in it and I also incorporate binaural beat technology to helps somebody relax along with the hypnosis so that they can follow the instructions as part of the meditation part which is the breathing part.  So I really love this program.

Victoria: Yes, very powerful, very powerful, I really like it.  And now Superhero, this is specially for you:  What is your present for our Superheroes, so you can help them in their journey on becoming Superheroes

Matt: So, that meditation program for Victoria’s fans, I created a page so that you could get a sample, free samples of it, and it is not the normal sample,  I have a thirteen minute sample that I usually give to people but, because I like her so much, we are giving away the eighteen minute samples, so she is going to have a link in the website.

Victoria: Aha, that’s right!

Matt: And then you click it and sign up for it, and it will be there for you, I think you are going to enjoy it

Victoria: Yeah, that is pretty awesome!  Just for you Superhero.  You are going to have these samples available.  You just have to go to the website, sign up and you will receive all the information.  Cool!  Thank you so much Matt!

Matt: Thank you

Victoria: Thank you for coming today.

Matt: I get a cookie, right?  Isn’t there like a cookie that I get?

Victoria: Yes, I am going to give you some cookies now.  That is going to be behind the cameras, ok?  We will take pictures so they can see it!  Ha ha ha!

Matt: Perfect!

Victoria: And thank you Superhero for watching!  We will be here with more interviews.  See you soon!  Bye.

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