Want your life to get FASCINATING? Read on…

First of all, I want to share my love and adoration for you, exactly as you are.

We are used to “oh, this person is nice to be with, that person is not, blah blah blah” but, what about feeling immense love for everyone just because they “are”, they “exist”. The differences we might have with each other are secondary. What really matters is the core reality. It’s not about WHAT we are, but rather that we ARE and we are one. I believe this state of appreciation to be the natural state of being of our civilization. The only reason why we don’t experience it is because of the conditioning of thousands of years of living under the feeling of separation.

Exquisite painting by yours truly ^_^

Since years ago, I knew a big change was coming and I studied all I found about life and self-discovery, but I never had the clarity that I am feeling now. I have chills all over my body. I feel so connected to myself and to everyone even though I am in the silence of my Paradise (I call my office/dressing room Paradise). I feel the Universe inside me. It is time to redefine who we are and what we are capable of not just in theory, but in practice. We are individual cells of the human consciousness. We are becoming aware of our connection through the non tangible global matrix of the internet, through the expansion of more and more people interested in the inner aspects, and through many other ways. It is time to let your eyes open to a new reality that has always been before you. Like being in a Wi-Fi cafe without a laptop, you didn’t have access. Now it is easier than ever to get this access and I want to share with you how.  Are you ready to begin?


The most important thing that has given me the fastest results on getting access to this new experience (and remember, I have been working on it for over ten years) has been what you might have heard a thousand times, so please, listen with new ears.  This number one thing is:  “Follow your bliss” – Joseph Campbell.

It is really that simple, so simple that some have been skipping it all along.

It has been said “Be happy for no good reason”. Abraham-Hicks refers to it as “Follow your joy”. Bashar says “Follow your excitement”. Does it sound so hard? Wouldn’t you naturally want to do that? OF COURSE! You just got conditioned otherwise and everyone around you expects you to accommodate them and compromise what you need for your next step in your self evolution. If they would only know that honoring your true call and instinct is the best service you can give them.

You are energy. You have a frequency that you vibrate in, like music, like colors, like everything because everything is energy. The higher your energy vibrates the better it gets because you can only experience what is in that frequency of vibration.

When I was about eleven, I developed a great passion for computers. I got bored of playing with them and started programming (self-taught). I learned that absolutely everything in the computer system was created with different combinations of 0’s and 1’s in a binary system to produce colors, images and sound… How amazing! In that system, 1 means ON and an 0 means OFF, presence (1) or absence (0) of a current or voltage. Energy goes through or not. I found this very similar to real life, and I felt that it was the basis of the universe. The 1 would be LOVE (connection – energy and life flows through). The 0 would be FEAR (disconnection – energy can’t freely flow through that created structure, life seems stuck).

In order to vibrate at a high energy, follow your love instead of your fear. At each moment, at each decision you have to make, ask yourself, what would I do if I am acting out of love? Fear slows you down and keeps you with things and people that match that vibration, people and things that you can “fear”. Love brightens you up, fills you up with pure flow and light and keeps you surrounded with things and people with whom you can “LOVE”.

It gets actually really fun once you start paying attention to how this works and making your life change to what you prefer. The feeling of freedom is immeasurable!  So go for it.  Make it yours!

To your Superpowers, Superhero!

Victoria Vives

P.S.: Some people might have difficulty finding this bliss or excitement.  It might be a challenge to find motivation, inspiration or maintaining that state. This is normally related to not really knowing what is your passion. I have been asked to share my vision on this, so my next blog post will assist you with this matter!

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