Say to yourself, I love myselfBOOK DAY 36: Say to yourself “I love myself”. How does it feel? Are you able to embrace it? Does it come naturally or is there an effort or a feeling of guilt in the background?

I was getting ready my daily BOOK UPDATE and for the first time, these exact words came to me spontaneously, as a gift directly from my soul. I felt it nourishing me so deeply and it felt so natural that I was overtaken by it and for a second, I snapped out of it, like “hey, isn’t that semi-narcissistic?

Well, it is not, it is and if we are not able to wholeheartedly say these words when we think about ourselves, there is something not working. To the extent that we are able to love ourselves, we will be able to love others.

My feeling was that I was looking at myself as if I was an observer, just a witness, and not necessarily tied to my persona. That is what made it so natural. I was, from the perspective of my soul, ecstatic about seeing this human being in her endeavors.

How would you look at your SELF from the perspective of your soul? What things would you treasure? I would love to hear from you and get to know you at a deeper level!

With Love ❤


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