IMPORTANT: Jeet Kune Do for Superheroes is not enrolling new members at this time, but is now offering

JKD Lesson Downloads in MP4 format.

If you wish to be informed once there is an opening, please contact us using the link below:

Until then, download individual JKD video lessons, buy JKD DVDs or enroll at Jeet Kune Do University using the links below:

Jeet Kune Do for Superheroes is the physical aspect of my How 2B a Superhero program, which offers resources for you and I to excel in our physical and
mental abilities.  Evolution and self-development in a holistic way (not just the mind, not just the body).

Every JKD lesson starts with a philosophy/self-development aspect that will help you in both, becoming a more fulfilled human being and being a better more effective fighter.
You will learn new JKD techniques in each lesson and practice them with me as your virtual training partner. You will also receive accountability emails that will help you retaining all your learning.

Jeet Kune Do University offers all the JKD techniques and virtual partner training that you will find in Jeet Kune Do for Superheroes.

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