Victoria Vives’ Secrets Revealed in GOA Interview!!

How do you keep your body in shape?

Thank you for asking that question becuase I think it can open some readers to new ideas. Most people equate staying in shape with exercising and a strict diet. There’s usually a lot suffering and sacrifice involved with the conventional approach.

I really don’t exercise as often as people think. I only exercise when I enjoy it, such as learning a new martial art or skill, or doing something exciting with friends. In fact, there have been times when I have been completely sedentary for more than six months at a time, yet I still kept a sexy and slender figure.

If you want to get to a long-lasting-staying-in-shape situation, exercise your mind first, then any actions you take will be truly rewarded by outstanding results.

People might say that it’s “genetics” but the genetics in my family go both ways so there is obviously more to it.

I stay in shape because I “know” that I am. The “knowing” is so much more powerful than the “wanting”, or “thinking”, or “hoping”, or “trying”.

I “know”, therefore I am.

Do you follow a special diet you wish to share with our readers, your fans?

My secret to diet and nutrition is eating what I desire and being happy about it.

I equate exercising with fun and food with enjoyment. In my mind I don’t see their relation with staying fit. Staying fit is more about how I see myself and who I see myself being.

When I look in the mirror what do I expect to see? I expect to see a curvy, sleek and sexy young woman radiating both power, love, warmth, and kindness.

Our bodies are changing continuously. New cells are constantly replacing old ones. Can you imagine your body different? Can you see yourself being fitter step by step? Can you expect that that is the case? Can you KNOW it?

This change in mindset is like walking a path. It might take a few steps, but you will certainly get there if you start walking in that direction.

Mind over matter would be the simple way to say it. We can truly choose who we are. You can learn more about this in The 5 Superhero Secrets (free download at or attend some of my Healing Arts classes in Los Angeles, CA.

Early days…  Your bio in IMDb says you grew up in an “extreme dichotomy,” raised by a “devout Christian grandmother” and a “free spirited” mother. How was it? How did it help you in your career or in your life in general?

Every crisis is an opportunity. The conditions of my childhood certainly offered me unique perspective in which I could observe opposite extremes within life. It gave me the opportunity to understand both sides and take the best of each. I feel like I was two different Victorias growing up, but now, I feel all aspects of myself integrated. Having experienced this wide range allowed me to be open minded and able to relate to many.

Who are your role models?

They change from time to time. Some of them are movie characters such as Conan The Barbarian when played by Schwarzenegger, Neo played by Keanu, Angelina Jolie in any of her roles… I also have many role models in the Spiritual world, but I am more reserved about that.

Is your present career a childhood dream? What did it take to be right where you are right now?

I am indeed living my dream life. Although the specifics and details have changed from time to time, I feel that I am always moving closer towards what I really love, rather than remaining stagnant in the same place.

As a child my dream was about living a life filled with magic and unlimited possibilities. When I was 10 that might have meant being a singer, when I was 17 that might have been working in television or going on a tour, then that might have changed to being a Superhero or video game character. So all of this is about enjoying life at every moment, expanding myself to new experiences, and living fully while inspiring others to do the same.

“Knowing thyself” and “Energy Mastery” are key to living in the now and really feeling and loving life. Knowing one’s self is far more than simply knowing a few personal details or even an in-depth bio. Knowing one’s self is a unimaginably deep spiritual path that transcends time and space. Understanding the Energy that forms everything in this Universe including you and I, is an inseparable part of knowing one’s self but merits it’s own light. The Energy is the connection we have with All-That-Is. It is our greatest source of power. These concepts are the reasons why I enjoy Martial Arts and Healing Arts. Both practices are different sides of the same coin that serve as keys or gateways into learning more about the Energy and about one’s self. Yin and Yang.

Why did you decide to move to Hollywood when you were at the height of your career in Spain?

I had always wanted to live outside of Spain for at least a year. I went on trips and tours out of Spain many times, but not longer than one or two months. Right before coming to Los Angeles I was really looking for a change. I felt that my career and personal development had reached an impasse and that I had reached the limits of my possibilities in Spain. I felt stuck and taking a spontaneous leap of faith by moving to the US seemed like a good way to step outside the box of my old life and start a new one. Besides, I fell in love with the California skies!

How were your early days in Hollywood? What motivated you to persevere during those times?

When I arrived to Los Angeles I actually ended up living in East LA for a month before making the move to Hollywood. My short stay in East LA was trying, to say the least, as I scrambled to find shelter and work to replenish my small nest egg in place, in a country where I could not speak the language nor call on friends or family for help. Without the emotional support of my home turf in Spain, I would say that I had to rely on my warrior spirit to persevere.

Moving to Hollywood was like a dream come true, and with time, my situation improved significantly. Seeing the Hollywood sign from the street where I was living was very inspiring!

In depth…  Looking back on your career, do you have any regrets?

I don’t find value in regret.

Simply put, when we do something or choose something that we finally discover not to be as great as we originally thought, that is when we know it wasn’t. In other words, if we don’t make the choice, we would probably never know how good or bad it would be. We would just stay wondering without learning from the experience. That is why, ultimately, I am always happy with my decisions and their outcomes.

What is the biggest mistake you have ever committed?

The biggest mistake I, or anyone, can make is talking about mistakes :)

I prefer to see mistakes as valuable sources of information. If an action I took resulted in a result that I did not like, I am now equipped with the information necessary to make the proper adjustments for a better result the next time. It is an inherent part of the learning process — trial and error. The bigger the “mistake”, the more opportunity for learning and therefore, the more potential for growth and success! “Mistakes” only become an issue when they become one’s focus and obsession and when they are used as an excuse to not move forward.

You look confident and fearless in your shoots and in your reels. Is it safe to assume that it reflects your personality in real life?

I am often told that. I would say that I am confident in the sense that fear does not stop me from doing the things I really want. Fear is not an excuse.

Can someone as beautiful as you have insecurities just like any other girl would normally have? What is it and how do you deal with it?

I think that we all have insecurities at one time or another. We can use these insecurities as opportunities to learn about ourselves and grow, achieving a happier life.

There is a lot about being judged, measured and compared with others in the Hollywood scene. That brings up the question “Am I good enough for this or that role?”. Thanks to my spiritual practice I got out of that game. Now my number one role is being Victoria. It is not as important for me to say, “I am this”, or “I am that”, instead, I just thrive in “I AM”. I exist. That makes me and you and all of us absolutely precious even with what others (or ourselves) might refer to as flaws. When embracing this solid foundation in who we really are, there is no room for insecurity.

Of all the martial arts you know, which among them reflects your personality?

All the martial arts I have studied connect with an aspect of my personality. I prefer to not place limitations by choosing only one style so I’ll frame the answer to the question by describing what I like about martial arts. I enjoy systems that incorporate meditation, tradition and spirituality, yet also emphasize freedom and individuality. Any martial art can potentially contain these elements so it really only depends on the Sifu or Sensei. It’s really not about the martial art, but rather about the martial artist.

Describe a Victoria Vives in love.

That is the everyday Victoria :) Soaring through the day with a blissful smile.

Views in life… The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words…

Life. Discovery

Sexy. Interesting

Men. Yang

Beautiful. Butterfly

Love. Life, All-That-Is

Martial arts. Powerful

Success. Unstoppable

Dream. …come true

Fun. Ready for more!

Drugs. Not interested

Family. The most beautiful blessing

At present…  Please tell us something about your blog. What motivated you to blog?

I have always wanted to support others in different ways. One of them is helping them achieve their dreams. I know everything is possible and I want to inspire others to go make their dreams come true!

In light of your blog, give us three things to remember on how someone so ordinary (say me) become a Superhero?

1- You are far from ordinary. You are UNIQUE
2- If you desire it, you can achieve it, just model others that have already done it
3- Action is great and fun, but leave space for the magic of your spirit to come into each of your actions and your life will be transformed. You will not be alone ever again, but instead, the Universe will be your playground as you make each of your dreams come true!

What are you working on right now?

On erasing the limits for what we believe is possible for myself and for many people who want to live their lives fully.

I’m emphasizing the Healing Arts as medium to help others erase those limits. We have been told that we need to take a pill every time that we feel bad, but there is wisdom inside each of us that can be uncovered to resolve any situation in life. By teaching the Healing Arts, I help others help themselves. It’s like a chain reaction that spreads health and happiness, and grows self confidence, self-esteem and empowerment!

With all the hard work, you are entitled to fun. How you do you take a break?

I love what I do, so there are no lines between work and fun sometimes, but I do enjoy setting time apart to spend quality time with my family, for example, playing video games, eating delicious foods, going to the movies…

If you weren’t who you are right now, what would you be?

My cat, LOL. He gets lots of love, attention, affection… and naps a lot!
Well, more seriously, I would love to be an Ascended Master assisting others.

Message to all your fans

Thank you for all your love and appreciation. Remember that you can be whoever you choose to. Be you and no other, the real you beyond all the learned limitations, the magnificent you that you always knew was inside you. You are unique and we are waiting for your unique gifts to shine!

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