Join us ON Hangouts LIVE!


You can choose to join us ON Hangouts LIVE to be seen and heard during the Chanting Event for Peace.

We will be inviting people who comment on the YouTube feed or Google event page see links below.

To join the hangout you will need Hangouts installed already. If you want to join just say so in the Comments or post your name we will invite you in as we cycle who is on the live feed.

Important Note*
When invited make sure to Mute your video feed of the Live Broadcast you’re watching.
The sound from the video will cause echoes /reverb because of the delay from the hangout.
Once you are in the hangouts you will have audio from within the hangout itself and when you leave you can then un-mute the live Broadcast.


-Join LIVE!
Comment on YouTube feed or ask to join in Q&A on Event page

-Ask to be invited to join or post your name in the comments area
Google+ Event

-Click (Q&A) at top right of video feed and ask to be invited to join or post your name here in the Q&A



1. Push play, when video goes live you will see the hangout that is happening Live

2. If you would like to join in on the hangout and have hangouts comment in YouTube feed or G+ event Q&A

3. Google hangouts will notify you have been invited .

4. Mute your video you are watching the feed from

5. Click join hangout in Google hangouts.

6. After you leave the hangout Un-mute video broadcast to continue watching

7. We are a family, so just relax and trust things will go well and we will guide each other <3

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