Photography by AMAZING Matthew Jordan Smith ~ Copyright 2012

Happy NEW week, friends! You can use this new week as a new beginning, as it contains the symbolism of a new cycle in which you can reinvent yourself for self-actualization and uncover powerful ways for SHARING YOUR TRUE GIFTS. I certainly felt that way this morning, because I woke up with tremendous clarity as to WHY I have to keep the activity of DANCING in my life. I will explain.

Dancing was part of my career in Entertainment for years (You may find these videos interesting, hee hee… however, when when I started devoting to teaching Energy Healing, I had a challenge with my previous path. It felt superficial and pointless. Also, could I be a Spiritual Healing teacher while I keep my dancing career? Shouldn’t I be more serious and conservative than that? Isn’t the industry of entertainment rot? It is clear to me that some of these ideas are just the product of conditioning, and yet, I felt so immersed in this conditioning that they became my blind spot. That, together with my tendency of living through my higher chakras and out of body, made it very difficult for me to embrace the dancer in me. Yet one more way in which the experience of limitation/separation/division/exclusion can teach us the inherent value in certain things which we may have not considered otherwise.

Many of my students that come for Energy Healing classes, find themselves in a similar situation, wondering what to make out of their lives now that their heart chakra has activated and they feel the urgency to heal themselves and others, living from a space of oneness and compassion that perhaps they have never experienced before. They may have been in an industry they loved for years and, suddenly, that industry feels empty and meaningless.

So the new layer of clarity that I received today was that the craft in that industry that I ~ you ~ they worked on for years, still has a sacred essence, a sacred core, and only our own disconnection from our own core (as well as our society’s and system’s disconnection from their cores, which we may have been a perfect match to) didn’t allow us to experience that sacredness fully. So in this collective awakening, we have the opportunity to re-discover what took us to choose that career in the first place. What was in our hearts that made us choose that path.

Today, with our expanded awareness, we can reconsider our old careers from a place of healing and actually heal the career itself bringing a higher level of awareness to it, since we are all responsible (able-to-respond) for its co-creation. What are the aspects of it that have been covered with layers other than pure truth? How can we transform it? How can YOU become that change you would like to see in your career? Each of us has a very special blessing that we can bring to that craft that is our careers. Also, changing the words we use would help in this journey. The word “industry” represents a more superficial layer of a trade, whereas the word “craft” gets closer to truth the of it and even closer, the word “GIFT”. Furthermore, we don’t necessarily need to discredit the superficial layers, but merely live from the core and express fully in our full extension, allowing the superficial layers to integrate in the perfection of Oneness ~ just all the different facets that shine from the source which are valid as long as we recognize and stay connected to the core, which is the only way in which they can stay alive, like leaves that are connected through the branches to the trunk and the roots of the tree and thus can remain alive and healthy, expressing true beauty.

So for this new week, I encourage you to think about this important aspect that occupies a great part of our lives ~ our careers ~ and consider the positive repercussions that this “career healing” can bring to our societies at large. Better said, to our COMMUNITIES at large. Let’s change the world one word at a time.

Know that I love you and that I am filled with joy when I recognize that we both are part of an expanded family. Victoria.

PS: While writing this, I decided to see my past as being an Artist as opposed as an Entertainer.

PS to the PS: On a different note, I will be interviewing Rob Gauthier and TReb tomorrow, Tuesday July 29th at 6pm Pacific. If you have a burning question you would like to suggest for me to ask them, just comment here and I will be choosing from what is suggested. You can see more information in the following link Thank you and have an outstanding new life! Oops… I mean week! [ smiles ]

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