Victoria Vives Khuong - HumanAfter years in self-development, you might find yourself growing and becoming better and better in your search for self-improvement, close to perfection… Yet one day, you might find a door, one you haven’t crossed in long years because it was so hard to face what was behind those walls. Back then you decided to put it apart and leave it in darkness, focusing on bringing harmony to the rest of your mansion. But now when everything looks so clean and neat, this door is even more noticeable to you, and what is behind it even more challenging and out of harmony with the rest. Opening this door literally takes your breath away. You are used to being seen and see yourself as a benevolent person, but that room, that room is not only dark, it is also dusty after all these years of abandonment and suppression.

But it is in this moment when you realize that human life is not about perfection. The highest qualities to develop are not skills, but virtues of the heart: compassion, acceptance, humility, and ultimately unconditional love – all the things that, in a perfect world, would have no place, would not be necessary, and therefore we would not be able to learn. So being “just” human is indeed not a small thing, but a profound and transformational journey.

So even if you have been immersed in spirituality and have flown through beautiful worlds in your meditations, dedicate time to open those hidden doors. Let the air inside those rooms be renewed, let the light reach those areas that you might feel not proud of; they are, after all, a part of you. There is great opportunity for learning, an untapped block of energy that you can now release and use in the way you really wish.

Victoria Vives

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