In April of 2011, I took a leap of faith and started teaching Healing workshops, specifically Reiki.

I remember sitting in my family room, the camera in front of me ready to record the video on this post and… the self-doubting thoughts creeping in “I am far from being a good English speaker, how am I going to teach others?” However, allowing myself to tap into this unknown territory of Healing had created such transformation at all levels in my life thus far that nothing else mattered: I was determined to share this message and put the messenger aside.

Today, I’ve had the honor to train over 4,000 practitioners and teachers in Healing Arts internationally. You never know what will happen when you follow your dreams! Especially, you never know the amount of lives you can make better!!

So, if you are feeling called to elevate your life and even start a new career path, consider this a synchronicity, the Universe speaking to you and letting you know that now is the time to get started! Check the ✨LINK IN COMMENTS✨ for my complimentary REIKI course! BECOME THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD 💖

Leap of Faith

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