Life PartnerA silly picture, yet one of many beautiful memories together! Two weeks ago, we celebrated our 14 yr wedding anniversary. ❤ I had never shared so much of my life experience with anyone as I am doing with my husband. Long term relationships were not my strength. Until someone told me “instead of looking for your ‘desired’ husband, think this: who you need to become in order to match him?”. I had so much to learn about myself, so much to grow in order to match him, and so I did, I committed to this transformation and I finally found him.

After we got married, a new set of joys, along with new challenges, emerged and so my journey of transforming and evolving myself continued to even deeper levels. I wish I could tell you that self-love and love relationships are naturally easy, however, these are things that require nurturing and cultivation in order to achieve self-actualization and greater happiness. I couldn’t be more grateful for this incredible journey with my beloved husband which brought me to develop the Divine Sexuality framework which has now helped other women improving their quality of life.

If you are searching for this transformation in your own life, DM me and I will share with you resources that can help you get started.

Love heals all! Victoria 💕

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