I normally moderate my way of writing, but hey, we are on 2011! Even if some ideas are not easy to grasp, I think we are ready for some new and exciting mind candy. “The Earth is round”, is so last millennium… we’re ready to assimilate new stuff! So I am going to start speaking what I think fully here on my blog. This is about EVOLUTION. There is a Superhero emerging in you, let’s acknowledge that and make it bloom.  No more baby talk. Deal?

Since December, I have been focusing more intensely on freedom for me and others, further than I could even imagine before. For example, have you experienced that feeling of “I want to do this, this and this but… I don’t have the time”? Well, so I bought myself more time. When the night comes and I didn’t get to do something I wanted to do or I am in the middle of doing it, even if it is the silliest thing on earth, I just stay up for as long as I please. I don’t consider day cycles as much as my activities cycles. We came to this life to play full out, so rather than be careful with my sleep and life habits, I follow my unstoppable irreverent spirit.

Victoria Vives Martial Arts - Magnificent

Sometimes I stay awake for over twenty hours and I don’t actually feel sleepy, just kind of confused when I see that it is daytime again. I feel resistance to it and I wonder if I’m not doing the right thing. I am not used to being awake for so long, I feel guilty for not going to bed at the same time as my husband. I think of how everyone says that eight hours of sleep are needed… Am I doing the right thing? Am I going to get sick? Will I think less clearly? NO! I am just preconditioned by my previous life experience and the life experience of billions or trillions of people who decided that we need to sleep 8 hours a day because of this, this and this unchangeable indisputable reasons.

I noticed that my doubt brings more evidence for what I fear, so I decided to keep my faith on what I want, and the opposite happens – more evidence of what I desire appears.

So, hey old thinking, I believe in infinite possibilities – is sleeping less than eight hours a day while staying healthy an exception? I don’t think so. It might take time to adjust, but IT IS POSSIBLE.

I had months in my life when I slept about four hours a day and felt more energy than most people around me, training hard and all.

I recall one of my favorite artists, Salvador Dali. It was said that he would not sleep. He would just sit on a chair with a spoon in his mouth and once the spoon fell to the floor because he was asleep, he would wake up, and that was his “night sleep”.

So now, this is my question for you. What have these ideas awakened in you?

A) OMG, it is necessary to sleep eight hours a day or you will get sick
B) OMG! How exciting! The possibilities are limitless. We can achieve anything we wish!

Well, in either case, THAT is your life: Limits OR Possibilities. Not that either way is right or wrong, but know that you will make it your reality and evidence of it will surround you. You choose. Always free will.

It is normal to have both feelings mixed. The old paradigm, the voice preventing us with fear and the new paradigm, the voice that encourages us to become more, anything we want to become… and that is the one I always follow!

Oh, I didn’t tell you the counterpart of my sleeping freedom, you might like this, my new paradigm also includes sleeping when I want for as long as I want (I learned this from my cat), I deserve as much well being and freedom as I can take (he feels really deserving indeed).

In my next blog post, I want to share how you can achieve a new life of massive freedom and dreams becoming true, step by step – The Process

Until then, Be Magnificent! Victoria

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