This is the practical aspect of  A New Life Step By Step – The Concept

That amazing ideal you have always dreamed of, can now be your life. You can achieve massive freedom by reconditioning each piece of who you are, step by step. Expanding your being beyond any limits by following your joy, your wishes, your desires and inspiration without conditions.

There are a four important steps for achieving dreams. I will put the examples with my sleeping freedom but you can apply it to everything, such as your dream career, physical condition, anything:

STEP 1 – Feel real passion for it: If it is not real passion but instead, it is believing that you should achieve it for any other reason than your joy, it won’t have enough life energy behind it to make it happen successfully and happily. You would have to work hard at it and you might achieve it, but miserably. Not tempting, is it?

If one night I feel excited about being cozy in bed I am not going to stay up just because a want to be superhuman. However, if I am up doing something that got me totally inspired and connected, I am going to allow that flow to continue, rather than cutting the inspiration and go to bed to meet the average human requirements. It’s like a scale: what has more pull for you?

Victoria Vives Khuong - DRAGON-sSTEP 2 – Follow your instinct. Sometimes something calls you and you might think that it is not related from your dream but in the big picture it might be an essential part in achieving your dream in the most fulfilling way.

Sometimes I feel I really want to go to bed and sleep or, in the middle of the day, I want to continue sleeping by taking a nap. Well, I sometimes resist it because it seems kind of pointless and unnecessary. Guess what? I follow my impulse and in my dreams I find something precious, for example, the solution to something I have been wanting to resolve, or an insight that opens my mind to new clarity. So in the end, my instinct helped me move towards my overall objective of achieving a more pleasant life! With that said… FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT!

STEP 3 – Speak about it as much as possible while it feels natural, but only to people that can believe in your dream and feel as excited about it as you are. This will keep your spirits high and reinforce your belief. Your confidence will also inspire others to achieve their own dreams! Something that works well is to just write about it on your own so that you can focus on it. Once you start seeing results, then you can even share it with the skeptics, because now you have evidence or proof that you are achieving your dream and possibly open the mind of the “non-believers”.

My example doesn’t apply so much here, since I normally speak of it and even write publicly about it, but this wasn’t always that way. I’ve had years of practice. The first time that I wanted to come live in LA I told everyone in Spain, and… everyone told me how it would be impossible for me. I didn’t succeed. The second time I wanted to come live in LA I didn’t tell a soul. Only after having felt rooted in LA for about six months, I then started emailing people letting them know. So yes, with practice, you will achieve such faith and strength that you will be able to speak openly about anything without the fear of “what are they going to think?” or “maybe I can’t do it”. It is best to build your confidence by starting with small things and then, once your creation muscle is developed, you can achieve ANYTHING!

STEP 4 – Believe that your dream is possible no matter what: It might seem far, it might seem impossible, but it is a journey that you can walk. It is a matter of training your thoughts, your habits, your beliefs, your vibration so that the subject becomes natural to you. Train yourself to it. It is the most powerful thing that you can do.

One way to fortify your belief is by looking for evidence of what you want in the life of others. For instance, you can Google search for examples of what you are after. Another way to strengthen your belief is to look for small details of what you want that are already present in yourself. You can recall memories or even imagine how it would feel having what you want.

In my own sleep freedom case for example: have you ever had the experience of sleeping eight or ten hours only to get up and feel as if a train passed over you? And conversely, have you had days when you slept much less but had such a happy spirit that you felt refreshed and renewed anyway. It is not about hours of sleep but rather quality of sleep which is directly controlled by your state of being.

No more moderate cautious being but an unlimited, free and happy being. And believe me, once you try inner freedom, there is no way to go back.

Start your 2011 with a deliberate expansion of your soul! Who do you want to be? What do you want to do this year that keeps your life force alive and fresh? It doesn’t have to be absolutely crazy, just anything that you want, that makes you happy, that takes you to YOUR next level, to any kind of expansion to be more of who you are. To be yourself more fully!

I look forward to hear from your daring dreams and your journey to excellence.


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