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A friend asked me for my perspective on developing a relationship with someone of a certain ethnicity or culture I am familiar with. Are they nice? Are they players?…  Here goes the second part of my feedback on this subject:

We already spoke about the uniqueness of each person and each relationship. Furthermore, even within the same person there can be unique moments. Things can change from one time to another.

You might want to fulfill a certain aspect now, let’s say aspect A, but then you might change that wanting to aspect B, perhaps because you learned from experiencing A that it wasn’t exactly what you were looking for. It took you closer to what you like, it gave you new insight about what you really want and directed you towards B, perhaps to achieve balance, but it just wasn’t it.

For instance, you might want a relationship where you experience excitement, but after experiencing the excitement, you might prefer something more stable, or vice versa. Your path will always readjust and redirect as you receive more information from your experience, and that is the magic and eternity of life, there is always something to add on to your experience, something new to flow to.

As well, it might happen that your present circumstances stand for a unique better choice, which might later change and open to several good choices that weren’t available before, once you walk down that path. Premise#5 THE NOW IS ALWAYS FRESH AND NEW AND YOU ARE ALWAYS FRESH AND NEW

The following three premises are of the “same family”, but it is worth to notice their slight differences.

Let’s imagine for a moment that I give you my subjective opinion about that kind of ethnicity or culture. You would then be conditioned. You wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience your true personal take on it, but instead, it would be filtered, toned and colored by my experience.

If my experience was bad and my feedback negative but you still decide to go with the relationship anyway, you would probably end up not enjoying the full of what the relationship could have been for you, because every time, and this is Premise #6 – YOUR EXPECTATION INFLUENCES THE OUTCOME

Let’s even say that not only I, but some other people give you their own perspective on it. You would end up with mixed up information and perhaps opposite responses, which would lead not only to confusion but to lack of joy and love in the process. You would miss out how beautifully love is developing in your heart.

Love is what it’s all about, so that would be a great loss! Love is the building matter for happiness whereas confusion is the building matter for… disaster, or better said, is segregating and destructive instead of integrating and building. In fact, the very focus on”let’s see what could go wrong” or just the doubt, would influence how that person is reacting to you. Just play with expecting the best from someone and delight in what you receive! Well, the opposite applies too.

Know that any choice is neutral. You can create in it positive and negative aspects. So once you make a decision, eliminate the doubt by making your choice a winner (you can see what I mean with that in this video https://victoriavives.com/how-to-make-the-right-choice). It’s about who we are (what we are able to see and extract from the situation), more than about where they from. Premise #7 – WHAT YOU PUT IN, YOU PUT OUT

If I make a campaign that says “Don’t drink alcohol”, do you think of water? No, you first think of alcohol even if you weren’t, in order to make sense of the sentence. The universe and your brain are affirmative. If I tell you that kind of people is not trustworthy you would inevitably have that negative focus and would put that filter on your mind to look at neutral reality.

You would be conditioned to seeing more of that in that person and even in others. Kind of pointless, since you would be creating negative expectations based on my experience instead to explore yours freely and freshly.

As an exercise, you can focus in a positive aspect you like, think about it often, feel it, emanate it, be it. You will envelop yourself in this bubble and will experience more people that, once they get in your life or surroundings, can’t help but give you that positive aspect you are focused upon. You create your reality with your projection of vibration and this is the biggest key.

Also, when you focus on something, you might be overlooking other aspects, so when giving advice to someone else, it is not a full advice, just our personal cut. Premise # 8 – YOUR FOCUS INFLUENCES THE OUTCOME

Going into the future, you will see the result of what happened, where it took you, and it might have been an easy, hard or anything-in-between path, but whatever the case was, it was just what you needed at the moment. It was the best available step to move to the next level of greater happiness that you can experience and allow in your life. Trust this adventure and you will see how you couldn’t have designed it better! Be courageous, live life fully. Premise #9 – IT WILL ALWAYS BE EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEEDED IN THIS ADVENTURE OF LIFE

Well, so these are the nine premises I wanted to share with you. This is my most neutral and loving feedback to you.

With appreciation, your friend,

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