My Facebook friends often approach me by private messages asking for my advice or opinion about a subject.  Sometimes several questions are very similar or related, so I decided to answer those questions in an anonymous way in this site.  In that way I can help the different people who ask and even others that might not ever ask but who are looking for an answer.

The last request has been from a friend, regarding developing a relationship with someone of a certain ethnicity or culture I am familiar with.  My friend wants to know what I think of that kind of guy/girl.  Are they nice?  Are they players?…

This is my feedback (WARNING: my answers tend to be quite different from what is expected).  Here it goes:

Well, I think that most questions cannot be answered with singular, static answers that work every time.  We are all different and we want to fulfill different aspects in our lives, so what works for me might not work for you.

Although there are generalities in groups of people, we are all different (you know that).  I am from Spain but I am not very representative of Spanish people; this is one of the reasons why I came to live in LA.  So the person of your interest might be from somewhere else, but who knows if he/she is representative of that culture or not.  Perhaps this is why she/he is living here in LA too.   Maybe I would point to you one thing and then it might be totally different.  Premise #1 – EVERY PERSON IS UNIQUE (you can learn much more about this in The 5 Superhero Secrets, a FREE resource right in this link

Changing subjects for a bit, I remember something that happened to me and it will be a perfect example.  I was with my husband.  We were at an event and everyone was recommending and praising this amazing tea that was being served.  We decided to try it!  After we did, I was jumping up and down until past midnight.  The reason why everyone seemed to like the tea, was because of its high caffeine content.  Well, I naturally have lots of energy already (I have to share the secret for my high energy sometime), so I definitely didn’t enjoy the tea (and my husband neither, he had a full day of high action show by yours truly!).  I didn’t want to fulfill the desire of energy, but instead, I wanted to fulfill my desire of drinking something DELICIOUS.  So the tea was just an overload for me and it didn’t taste all that good.  This takes me to Premise #2 – WHAT IS PRECIOUS FOR OTHERS MIGHT NOT FULFILL YOU

Now, imagine the person of your interest, yourself and myself as three different chemical components (and in reality it is not that different from that).  Let’s say one of us is Glycerin, the other Jasmine Water, and the other Nitrogen.  First we mix Glycerin and Jasmine Water, this is actually what I use for moisturizing my skin, and let me tell you, it makes wonders ^_^  On the other hand, let’s now mix Nitrogen and Glycerin.  Under certain conditions, Nitrogen chemically bonds with Glycerin making a highly volatile compound –>Nitroglycerin!  BOOM!  Huh, not so wonder-ful, at least not for the skin.  Premise #3 – EACH RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EACH TWO PEOPLE IS ALSO UNIQUE

Taking it from a different perspective for example, when the possibility of having a relationship with a certain someone is strongly calling you, it is normally because there is something there for you to learn.  You might avoid it but it will probably come back to your experience in a different shape.  It is matching part of your vibration until you transform it in some way.  I would tell you to follow your heart rather than focusing on logical reasons about whether you should or should not get involved.  The more you think about it the less you are perceiving the full picture, the less spontaneous you are, the less you can listen to the now which holds the truth and all that is.  Be courageous.  In fact, the more you fear it, the more potential it has to help you grow.  Just make sure that every person involved will benefit or at least stay the same.  Act in an integrating way rather than a segregating one.  Premise #4 – TRUST THE NOW AND FOLLOW YOUR HEART, BECAUSE IT ALWAYS SEES THE FULL PICTURE AND WILL GUIDE YOU

[To Be Continued…]

So these are the four first premises out of nine I want to offer you as my feedback, my lovely friend.  The other five will come next week.

It is a quite different way to give you my opinion.  Not a concrete and subjective response such as “They’re players!” or “They’re nice!”. I know I am giving you my best.  I am not influencing your inner instincts which are your true guidance.

With Love, your friend.

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