BOOK DAY 9: When you listen to the universe and follow your inner guidance, you can bring into your life all that your heart desires.

I will share plenty of these synchronicities and manifestation processes in my forthcoming book “In a Matter of Seconds”, so that it can guide you in identifying when a synchronicity window is available.

Here is an example from last week: I was thinking about being interviewed as I sometimes have been so that I can share about my book. I decided to just record a video in Times Square and then I did a few jumping pictures. Well, I got noticed and…

…I was asked if I had five minutes. I said no because I was in a hurry but then I recognized this as an answering to my request to the universe, so I got back to the person and asked “What is it for?” She answered “It is an interview for a Netflix documentary”. So I said YES and this is a good example of opportunities knocking at our door every single day and we sometimes not being able to see them.

Have a fantastic new week and be attentive to opportunities 😍

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