I recently discovered “The Living Matrix” movie thanks to my friend Matt Sison, so I ordered it.

Today, a few days later, I was coming from the kitchen and had an interesting awareness experience.

I went to share it with my husband talking very fast and very excited “Nhan! I was saying The Living Matrix movie arrived! And then I said, No, the mail man didn’t come.  And then I said yes, the movie is there! Take it! And my body went and took it.”

My husband said, “So… you were having that conversation with… yourself?”.  I realized it was kind of weird.  I realized it was my mind talking with my heart and my body taking a more practical and direct approach.  Let’s look it over:

Heart:  Victoria! The movie you really want to see today is in the mail!
Mind:  Impossible, you always hear the mail man and you didn’t today, so it can’t be there, don’t waste your time.
Heart:  It is there for you!  You can take it now!
Body:  Ok, I’ll get it!
…And there was the movie.

How many times does something like this happen on any given day with things that are so important and essential to move you towards your dream?   Things that you don’t act on because logic tells you it is not possible?

I encourage you to listen to the voice that feel most empowering and filled up with love rather than obstacles.  Feel the difference between feeling excited, inspired or feeling discouraged and bored despite wanting something special to happen.  It is happening!  It is there!  That is why you want it to be!  Now believe it!  Act on it!

If in doubt, let your body make the decision.  Let your body move freely towards what feels right.

Victoria Vives

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