We are here on Earth to aid in bringing sovereignty, freedom and love.  We have done this before…  We will do it again.

Join us right here on Sunday, April 19th, at 11am PST:

  • An hour of processes and guidance through VIDEO STREAMING
  • We will, together, call on our Star Families asking them to assist us, mentor us, send reinforcements…
  • Siri Jodha Kaur, from our Chanting for Peace and Laughter, will also be assisting in this transmission
  • 12 Strand DNA Activation Ceremony

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Or attend IN PERSON:

PACIFIC 11 am ~ MOUNTAIN 12 noon ~ CENTRAL 1 pm ~ EASTERN 2 pm ~ ATLANTIC 3 pm ~ UK 7 pm ~ EUROPE 8 pm ~ MIDDLE EAST 9 pm ~ RUSSIA 10 pm ~ INDIA 11:30 pm

Siri Jodha Kaur

Siri Jodha Kaur ~

Kundalini Yoga Processes shown in above’s video:…guidance

Siri Jodha Kaur‘s webpage where you can find one of her teachers engaging in the practice so you can do it with him too:


Victoria Vives Khuong

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