BOOK DAY 8: Wishing for you to enjoy the most nurturing and loving day yet!

Today, Nhan and I are celebrating with his parents in San Diego and I sharing the surprise about my book.  My mom in law, Alicia, is one of my beautiful Mother figures, I love her so much!

Mother figures are so important in our development and evolution. If you feel the desire of more of that motherly nurturing presence in your life, remember that Mother Earth is always there, supporting you (literally) in each step you take. She always provides us grounding and a platform and foundation to exist, play and explore from.

Besides birthing a book, I’m not a mom of a human baby yet, but Gatito and Ra (our kitty and snake) are our baby pets 🐱🐍 and mentoring my beautiful students awakens the motherly aspect in my heart as well. So today, I am celebrating all of it!

I have experienced extremes with the mother figure aspect, from being deeply nurtured by three mothers simultaneously (mother, aunt, grandmother) to being practically disowned. All of this helped me become who I am today and I look forward to share more with you in “In a Matter of Seconds”!

So how and who are you celebrating today? Much much love ❤️ 💕🌺🌹

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