I’m extremely excited to present to you…  Ta-dah…  MOVING BOXES MAN!  Yes!  He is the Superhero guest for the second Unleash The Superhero In You – Q&A Interview!   This amazing Eco-Superhero shares strategies to save nature, the World, and why masculine power without feminine force is not a Superpower.  Both aspects together will create A New World of Peace and Harmony!

You can enjoy these interviews in three different formats: video, audio and text.  Choose your media!

And now, sit comfortably and get ready to discover ECO-SUPERHEROISM!  Yayyy!!!!

Do you prefer to read or listen instead of watching a video? Use the links below for plain text or audio:

Victoria Vives Khuong - Superhero Cookies BenTranscript VersionAudio Version


In the picture to the left, I am giving the Superhero Cookies to Moving Boxes Man…

In case you are not yet familiar with the Superhero Cookies, they are like the red pill in The Matrix.  Hundreds of years of humanity thinking of cookies as fattening, made them so.  Same with so many other things.  Now Moving Boxes Man embrace the Superhero Cookies, because he knows that there is no cookie (there is no spoon) there is only you and what your mind makes out of everything!

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