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NEW!!! Channeling Lyra in MP3, FLAC and more.

Channeling Lyra is the first collaboration project between Spirited™ and Victoria Vives. Sacred sound has been designed and conceptualized by Misha Whirlwind.

A channel guide to the 11th dimensional energy of the constellation Lyra in all Solfeggio 285Hz-528Hz-825Hz frequencies along with the soulful angelic vocal attributes from Victoria Vives.

Feel free to download this track, name your price, share and comment as we set forth on a journey of Sacred Sound.

Channeling Lyra out now on: https://spirited.bandcamp.com/track/channeling-lyra


Music that nurtures your soul, melding the power of Sound Healing, positive mantras and poetry to awaken the divine in you. Experience a synthesis of modern song craft, traditional sounds, and spiritual empowerment to transport you beyond time and space.  Composed and sung by Victoria Vives.  Musical production by Adrian Schinoff. Download individual tracks or purchase the full album with all four songs in CD or MP3 (LISTEN TO PREVIEWS BELOW).

Purchase the 4 MP3s for only
$4.44 to $11.99

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$9.99 to $14.99 (+ shipping)



LISTEN TO PREVIEWS and Download individual songs on MP3 for $0.99 to $1.99:

Isn’t It a Wonderful Life?  In times of trials and surrender, the walls within tumble down, allowing our true essence and light to shine through.


 Divine Sacred Goddess We all, male or female, carry the Divine Feminine within –  A nurturing force that is often forgotten in our daily lives.  Revive this wisdom within you!

Eternal Soul  Like a ray from the sun connected with its source, when we go within and recognize our interconnectedness with all beings and all life, there is no separation between us and The One.

O A ZE O NE  A traditional Japanese REIKI Mantra that brings profound benefits.  The perfect companion for REIKI self-healing and sessions.  For the best healing effects, play on repeat.

CONTRIBUTIONS: All this work is self-funded. If you would like to contribute to new Music and Videos your help is greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!!

Set Your Mood (S.Y.M.) Music

You probably already know of the power of music. You might be feeling low energy, suddenly that one song plays and BANG! You’re on fire again! Renewed and refreshed. So be the one to rule your mood and don’t let your mood rule you. Be the one in charge! You can do something about it.I have been working on developing only uplifting music to SET YOUR MOOD and take you from however you are feeling to however you want to feel! I stick mostly to major scales which are conducive to positive feelings and I also focus on lyrics that respect NLP (Neuro Lingistic Programming) to help you become more and more empowered and confident.Below you will find the perfect mix (pop, house, hip-hop, ballad, techno… ) so that you can find what works best for your needs!

MOOD: it will fire you up and make you feel extremely hot and sexy… Perfect for creating an intimate moment you won’t ever forget!Extremely sensual song composed and sung in Spanish by Victoria Vives.  Programmed music by Victoria Vives.  Produced and played by Juanma Basavilbaso Guido Nisenson.
Download TOTAL for only $0.99

MOOD: it will make you feel special, relaxed and romantic.Perfect for daydreaming and for creating intimate moments. Warning: it feels so good that it’s kind of addictive!Song by Pete Cole, Parris Hall and Victoria Vives sung in English by Victoria Vives.
Download WALK WITH ME for only $0.99

MOOD: it will make you feel empowered and fearless. It will make you dance too! Perfect for partying, driving and for getting ready for an audition.Style: Electronic. Song in Spanish composed and sung by Victoria Vives. Remixed by Disney Producer Mark Von der Heide and DJ Alexander, and remastered by the 9 time Grammy Award Winner Chauncey Mahan. The music video of this song was a Telly Award winner!
Download FUEGO for only $0.99

A New Way

[su_spacer size=”10″]MOOD: It will make you feel refreshed and renewed!Warning: it might make you feel revolutionary also.Overall, wanting to make a difference and to be your best!Sung/rapped in English by Victoria Vives. Composed by Victoria Vives, Pete Cole and Parris Hall.
Download A NEW WAY for only $0.99

Sentir Tu Calor

[su_spacer size=”10″]MOOD: It will awake a fun loving feeling in you. Perfect for inventing a follow along silly dance for everyone to join and have fun!  Composed, produced and sung in Spanish by Victoria Vives. Mastered by DJ Kun.
Download SENTIR TU CALOR for only $0.99


[su_spacer size=”10″]MOOD: it will make you feel unstoppable and part of a future era! Perfect for bringing out the fierce and sci-fi side of you.  Instrumental song composed by Victoria Vives. Warning: it will make you want to play it again and again.
Download KROMM! for only $0.99

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