Nature BeautificationWe are the Earth Angel Collective and we believe we can make a difference in the world, together!

It is with this premise that we start our Earth Angel community and outreach projects with NATURE BEAUTIFICATION led by Earth Angel, Camila Meza. Camila invites you:

“Hi there! This Saturday, July 17th, at 9 am, we will get together to do a Park Beautification and we will open a portal of light and healing in Galster Park. If you want to join us please bring Gloves and a Bag to pick up non organics man made pieces and things AKA trash. Looking forward to seeing you there! lots of love, Camila”

Feel free to contact us for details!

Learn more about Earth Angel Camila and how she developed her powerful expression of self:

I wasn’t allowed to be. There wasn’t a space for me to exist in a pure raw form. I often felt like what I was feeling was not real or that I shouldn’t feel this way because it wasn’t happy or good. So in the many years of avoiding the bad feelings and the weird thoughts I had I became numb, deeply sad and disconnected with myself and the world around me. I did not like who I had become.

After a time of downward spiral I deconstructed what I thought I was so I could remember little me, pure me. A more simple and more present way to live. And I started building who I wanted to be, honoring the raw but also becoming better. I have always been interested in Reiki but never thought I was worth the investment. I looked for many years for a teacher until I found Victoria Vives Khuong. She has taught me so much and so many different aspects to heal others. But in learning how to heal others I have had to learn to heal myself and that has been the hardest part of becoming a healer. All the traumas and all the pain I choose to forget and hide have been more present now than ever before in my life. Learning how to stand up to my internal pain, see it and forgive myself has been one of the greatest gifts Victoria has given me. I am stronger now and I am here for you.

I believe we are part of nature’s art. Using my hands to create makes me so, so happy. Making art is one of the biggest joys of my life. And now using my hands to heal also makes me extra happy. Like when you have so much energy inside, so much happiness that the only way to express it is to scream and howl to the sky to share this energy with the universe. I believe flowers are art, trees are art, mushrooms are art and that You are art. To put thoughts into colours and shapes. I will have a space for you to become art. To remember that we come from the very earth we walk on. To feel safe to be. ~ Camila

Connect with Camila at or instagram diadeceleste.

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