BOOK DAY 7: Hi Beautiful Soul! I’m back in Los Angeles!!! Today, no time to write because I’m teaching with EarthSky People in the wild. However, I look forward to the inspiration that Nature will bring! Nature has played such an important role in how things have unfolded in my life.

You see, I grew up in the city, so in New York I feel in my element as a 21st century soul, however, when I went deeper in self discovery to know my true self and understand my core, Nature and Mother Earth played a MASSIVE role for my transformation. So that is something I love about living in Los Angeles – It is harder to forget Nature because from most places I can see the mountains and they, from time to time, call me for reconnection.

I look forward to sharing with you how Nature changed my life and how it can change yours in my forthcoming book “In a Matter of Seconds”.  I love you ❤️  Victoria Vives

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