Hi Beautiful Friend! In this National Radio Interview with Greg Friedman at Laguna Beach Radio, I share my experiences with the Water Spirits, the Peacemakers during my Near Death Experience and how Soul Retrieval helped me bringing wholeness back to my life.

Excerpts from another interview with Greg Friedman:

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE https://youtu.be/HvwzvUZHSSw
KUNDALINI Awakening & THIRD EYE Opening https://youtu.be/aW9Lk-qZsNw
RACISM and Discrimination https://youtu.be/AHYUkFihQQM
SOUL CONTRACTS https://youtu.be/Duf9_52qsIs

Inner Journey with Greg Friedman: https://www.kxfmradio.org/shows/inner-journey

Sending much love your way!!

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