Victoria Vives Khuong - SingingIn my last blog post I shared how powerful is to follow your bliss and your passion. Some people might have difficulty finding this bliss or excitement.  It might be a challenge to find motivation, inspiration or maintaining that state. This is normally related to not really knowing what is your passion. I have been asked to share my vision on this, so I will assist you with this matter right here!

In reality, I don’t even like the word motivation. As Abraham-Hicks says, motivation is a way to convince yourself to do something that you don’t want to do, whereas inspiration is to listen to the voice that calls you from within. So I will use that word.

Your bliss or passion is not static.  It changes.  For this reason it is important to listen to your inner voice to be aware of what will make you happy in the present.  I would say that passion is the gateway you find to flow life through.  So it doesn’t really matter what it is, but that you follow it. By following it you will be full of life, light, love, vitality… the list goes on!  and success will be your friend!


Lack of motivation or inspiration appears when you are vibrating at a lower frequency.  In this situation you can rarely access anything that you feel excitement for. It happened to me a few times in my life and it was horrible.  Let me share how I got out of that and back on track!

The first time that it happened to me, there was nothing that I wanted, not even being alive. Since I had to do something, I decided to turn to my childhood and choose one thing I wanted when I was a little girl. I chose to be a singer and I turned that into the winning choice, I just put my energy in it. I didn’t have anyone to make the music for me, so everyday I acted on my choice in the best way I could. Every morning, like a machine, I got up wanting to not be alive and went to my computer to figure out how to make music. This attention to a subject developed great passion in me and this brought life back to me, flow again, interest in being alive. I started making more and more songs. I had no idea of how to master the music to make the sound clean, I wasn’t a musician neither and my singing could have been better. I received some disempowering comments during this time. What to do? Give up or learn how to fix the things that were lacking?

In reality the music or how it sounded wasn’t the important thing. What was important was following the excitement even when it seemed crazy. This was my only interest and what was giving me life, so I continued and improved my craft, still far from the standards of what was out there in the market. However, my passion was stronger, I got to make music for a television series, for several videos of the men’s magazine MAN. And there is more to the story… I got to perform with my two childhood idols! I compose and perform with my childhood idol Nacho Cano at the Olympic Games Hymn Ceremony, that was one. and I was offered to open the concert for my other childhood idol, Alaska, on three occasions! The story doesn’t finish there. This singer had a tour guess where…? In LA. I came with her to LA for the first time! I discovered that it was the place where I wanted to spend my life! I now have been living in LA for over six years (I actually realized about all these connections just now! WOW!!!! I love sharing with you ^_^).

Everything is interconnected. Think of eternity as a timeless existence altogether outside time. In that setting, my experience of having Alaska as a childhood idol, wanting to create music, performing with her, and living in LA, are all one single event in eternity but different things over time and space.

So, when you have a preference, even when it seems like the smallest, silliest detail, it might actually be an essential aspect for a full unfolding, without it, it would be like missing a piece to complete the puzzle. Sometimes we can’t understand the full picture and only faith will get us to our desires. It is the truth of who you are, it is your soul calling you, it is the beginning of the life you have always dreamed of. You are receiving guidance through your feelings and preferences in such a subtle and loving way, that sometimes it is easier to follow what others want to impose on you. Follow your inner knowing and you will be pleased and so will they if they wait to see the unfolding. They will then know that they should start doing the same, rather than putting their attention on asking things of you.

Remember, you are an ETERNAL! To your Superpowers, Superhero!

Victoria Vives

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