Victoria Vives - Happy New Moon in Taurus!!Happy Earth Day!! Happy New Moon in Taurus!! Happy 444 Portal!

Today we have even more reasons to be grateful for all the gifts we have from Gaia. 🌎 I am grateful for all the beautiful places we have on Earth and all the crystalline treasures Gaia offers us.🙏 How about you? 😀

We also have a New Moon in Taurus which brings new opportunities for manifestation. ✨ What would you use this energy for? 🌙

The New Moon will occur at 7:26 pm PDT today, April 22, 2020. In numerology, that is 4 ~ 4 ~ 4 and this is the third 444 PORTAL this month (April 4th, 13th, 22nd) to guide us in these times of uncertainty. With this support, it is time to set your intentions to manifest the future you desire! 😀

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