HELLO EVERYONE!!! Nhan and I are buying a piece of land in California to create an INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY. We cannot wait one more day. If you know of a Real Estate agent (preferably awakened/conscious/community-oriented/new-paradigm-oriented) that can give us a good price for a piece of land, 5 acres plus, 2 hrs from Hollywood maximum (preferably less but open to more such as Joshua Tree, Mt Shasta…) please let us know.

Betty and Mateo are already helping with this and we are open to hear from any others as well.  Jim and Michelle are confirmed.  Looking forward to hearing from Cindyroy!  Travis will be joining too!!  I would love for all of us to join forces AND for all our other friends who also joined our EarthSky People meetings in the past and want to be part of this action step, feel free to join us as well.

If you never joined our meetings before but are interested in being part of this action step, contact us about it too.

Much Love.