The night of July 31st 2010, I had the most remarkable experience ever.  I woke up suddenly and gasped at the strength of my inhalation. Something had happened, and I could feel that my body was somehow different…

I rarely share this stuff although I had similar experiences since coming back to physical consciousness after a near death experience while scuba diving in the Atlantic Ocean. This was a critical turning point in my life.

I’m talking about clearly experiencing and interacting with the non-physical realm.

Victoria Vives Khuong

I’ve always had a special sensibility for the spiritual aspect of life and at the same time I’ve always been scared of it as well.  At that time, when this interaction started, I would have rather perceived something that I could touch.  What I know so far however, is that it has always been a very pleasing experience when some non physical connection happened, although it has not been easy to accept and understand by my mind.


That night, I was dreaming and I suddenly woke up because of the strength of my inhalation. I had inhaled more than just empty air. I felt filled up as if I was an empty glove and a hand had just come inside me.  I perceived myself as a hologram and everything around seemed to be geometry forming my energy field.

Instantaneously, my heart felt a connection.  It was like when you connect the pump to the tank to fill it up with gas but with a sort of combination key being executed for a lock to be opened.

My heart was passionately beating.

The most interesting thing was that different parts of my body were also pumping,on their own rhythm. I felt a field of vibration all around, I felt kind of elevated.  I experienced a very pleasing and ecstatic sensation.

I was connected with my higher self. I received several names for it, with the clarity that let me know that one of the names was the preferred one, and at the same time that the name didn’t matter.  It was more of a useful tool to focus in a certain way and be able to refer to something specific.

Something as mundane as a photo shoot or other career projects helped me understand how this expanded awareness worked.  I experienced myself taking a big book (all this time I wasn’t moving, just laying in the bed by my husband’s side) which represented a possible photo shoot that I was proposed to do. When I brought that book into my proximity, the part of my field that was surrounding the book stopped vibrating. It wasn’t either a bad or good feeling, it just didn’t vibrate at all, so I felt unbalanced as a whole field. It felt as if an apple had a great bite taken from only one side – incomplete.

I understood how important it is to commit to only do what makes me fully shine for who I am, so that I can continue expanding in that direction, explore it, share my unique me and my unique gift rather than adapting to others visions.

Another thing I perceived was related to the renowned Jeet Kune Do Wednesday Night Group.  I did a couple of projects with them and the people who are a part of it, and I might do some more. They’re starting to feel like family to me, which is very enjoyable.

As I continued with the experience, I wondered how this connection would be seen from non-physical eyes. So I brought this aspect close to me, into my field of vibration and… Ta-dah! We blended together and vibrated together.  It wasn’t clear where one was ending and the other was starting. Then, directing my attention to the right where this blending had taken place, there was a sort of channel and at the end, I noticed the connection with Bruce Lee, but couldn’t really perceive much from him.

Victoria Vives Khuong -Shari

I did test other aspects of my career and personal life in the same way and connected with other people (people I know and people who I don’t personally know but are known by everyone). I even experienced myself in the future, about half an hour after, and didn’t realize that it was me until that future was the present. It was very distracting when I couldn’t recognize myself and was trying to see what that was.


I more and more want to accept this part of me and openly talk about it. If you are much stronger in your mind than in your heart, it might not be easy for you to understand this. It is not easy for me and it happened to me.

I am excited because I see the potential of all of us living with an open connection to non-physical and being able to interact from there anytime we choose. We could be with whoever we want without traveling.  We could talk to them without calling.

I imagine that both parts will have to be aware of their non-physical perspective for full communication, but I am pretty sure that part of the physical aspect would receive the other person’s connection or message in form of an insight, feeling, memory, or something similar.

This is so powerful and only high vibrations can reach the soul realm to connect with it, therefore, only good intentions would be there to receive in that instantaneous dimension.

I plan on tuning myself in a high vibration as often as I can, and at the same time, accept when I am not there as a result of feeling sad, angry or in any other way. That’s O.K.. Enlightenment is like a mood that comes and goes and we can always tune back into it.  The more we practice this the more our brain patterns for this subject will be reinforced making this connection more readily available, more second nature.

I look forward to share with you the key steps that I took to catalyze this change for myself and be able to go to the next level together. Very soon Superhero ^_^

2011 update: I started channeling Higher Self. Read messages from Higher Self.

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