Shaun-Funny VS. Victoria Vives Martial Arts - Superhero YES

There is a new breed of Superheros rising and in order to get to know it, let’s start by establishing what a Superhero definitely is NOT.


  • A funny man (or woman) in tights.
  • A cocky individual who feels superior, and therefore disconnected from the rest.
  • A hot looking dude or girl who is not interested in the inner aspects.

Actually, it is not that important to talk about what a Superhero is DEFINITELY NOT.  What is important is talking about what a Superhero IS, since everyone carries the potential within them, they might just be at a different place on their journey!  So let’s talk about what a Superhero IS:


  • A Superhero is you mentally achieving major things, through the understanding and application of Sources of Wisdom, such as “The 5 Superhero Secretsand thus, knowing no limits!
  • A Superhero is the UNLEASHED YOU!
  • A Superhero is you connecting with others at a higher and deeper level, knowing that we all are different expressions of the same source.   A Superhero feels deeply connected with the planet like a vital part of the whole, unique and essential.
  • A Superhero is you always growing rather than getting old, no matter what age and continually expanding in dynamic flow.
  • A Superhero is you taking full responsibility for your life, knowing that destiny is in your hands and so shedding the desire to complain and blame.  It is you transforming your life into your dream come true.
  • A Superhero is you understanding that this is a Universe of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES! Pure potentiality… FUN!
  • A Superhero is you excelling in both the physical and internal aspects, maintaining balance while making each experience a connected one and using great awareness everyday of your life.
  • A Superhero is you always looking for the most economical, effective and direct way of living your life, ensuring that the results will be the best every time.
  • A Superhero is you making the best out of ANY situation and knowing that there is always a way to please all involved components.

Superheroes are the generation of the future starting TODAY.  You and I evolving our inner aspects, our mental, physical and spiritual capacities.

Past generations achieved incredible advancements: building industries, cities, machinery, and technology.  These are all external accomplishments.  Now, we, the new generation of Superheroes, will add extraordinary mastery by developing our internal abilities and natural sources.  This way, an integration of both complementary aspects will occur: superheroes living in a superworld of nature AND technology, in a world of unity, wholeness and excitement!  The sky’s is the limit, and not even that!  UP UP AND AWAY!


I look forward to connecting with you on the next level!

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“Not Superhero” photo taken by Victoria Vives, model will remain anonymous :).  “Superhero” photo taken by Keif Savage, model Victoria Vives

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