I was waiting for my husband’s birthday to go to Disneyland.

I was waiting for MY birthday to use my new cute polka dot lingerie.

I was waiting until finished a special blog post I am writing before publishing any other blog posts..

The list goes on…

Victoria Vives Khuong - Disneyland

Enough! The best day in my life is NOW. There is no such thing as a future time, because when that future time comes it will be now again. It is now now now now and then more now. We always live in the now and experience everything as the now.

If we live the now to the best of our current possibilities for happiness, that will inspire us and open our perception to higher and higher possibilities for happiness.

So I published this blog post, I am wearing my new cute underwear and I am going with my husband to Disneyland NOW! Ha!

Make today the most special day of your life and do the same tomorrow and the day after. Don’t wait for happiness. Allow it to happen now!

Victoria Vives

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