You can live life from many different levels and all of them are equally valid.  The only questions are which level you like the most and why you want to move to it. Yes, I said MOVE.

If you go to a “deeper” level (which is my most favorite place to move to), you will acknowledge the fact of us shifting through different realities at every moment.

Whether we notice it or not, this shifting doesn’t stop. We normally only move to parallel realities that are so similar to the one we were in right before, that we don’t even notice the shift.

We all, humanity, change as a collective from one reality to another.  This is natural evolution.  Now, if you really want to make a quantum leap and sort of shift to a “new life”, you might notice that only a few take the lead to unexplored places.  Quantum leaps might feel like a lonely place to be, however, they are very exciting, and sooner or later more people will follow you into this new terrain.

Just use a bit more focus, dedication and you will make it possible, and…  there are a couple tricks I personally used.  Read on.

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One of my quantum leaps was when coming from Madrid to LA.  Hollywood, as a collective, felt more representative of what I was at that time.  My shift felt abrupt but it had the benefit of everyone around me living the life I wanted, so I just had to observe it.  Adaptation was the only aspect to work on.

Now I feel I want to quantum leap again while staying in LA.  How To Shift To a Different Reality While Observing The Same One?  Well, so this is going to be a gradual shift.  I am taking a sort of “monk” approach, going less to Hollywood and staying more at home so I can stay more in my own thoughts, surrounding myself by nature (nature has no thoughts or preferences, nature just is – Perfect Companion), and also connecting with different aspects of the new life I want through the internet.  Sometimes transferring this new connections to real life encounters, such as in my Unleash The Superhero in YOU interviews.

What I found more important is to keep in mind the final picture of what you would like to experience and to try to match anything that you have around with that  picture.  You might just be experiencing a small aspect of your full desired outcome.  As small as it could be, make sure to acknowledge it.  Put your energy and attention on it.  It will grow and attract more of the same, or even better!

Want to develop laser beam focus?  Let’s do this, right now!  Grab pen and paper and write down one thing that you would like to experience in your life and the details about it.  Make sure to leave the description flexible rather than too concrete.  For example:

“I want to have a key encounter that would bring me great success in my career”.  This would be perfect because it lets the universe surprise you with infinite possibilities.  Rather than “I want to meet a producer at a party this week who hires me to star in an action film”.  This doesn’t leave much space to play with different possibilities and if it would happen, it might not be the thing that really please at the end, if compared with other possibilities that are in proximity to you and you can’t even imagine.


So let’s continue with “I want to have a key encounter that would bring me great success in my career”.  Now look around, think, remember… did something close to this happen?  Any similarities?

An example for a similarity could be “My friend had a key encounter that brought her success in her career”.  You might think that this is not a sign of YOUR proximity to your success, but it is.   It can be.  You can always use anything around you to get you closer to your dream.  Just use it in the right way, through the mechanism of inspiration.  If instead, you would feel disappointed because it didn’t happen to you, it obviously would spit you further from your dream, so in that case don’t use it.  None the less make sure to start intending to transform that feeling, which might be blocking your view from the new reality you want.

Another example “I remember I once had a key encounter that took me to the next level in my career”.  This is PERFECT!  You are activating this thought in your mind, which is as powerful as if it would be happening to you right now.  Your mind doesn’t know the difference between what it is happening or what you are remembering or thinking about.  It is the same vibration.  The same you.  The same mechanism.

Start channeling the energy through the shape you want, no matter what you use to transform yourself in that shape and where it comes from.  Use anything you have in your proximity.  Ask to yourself, how can I use this, whether it looks good or not, to consolidate my dream, to move one step further towards my desired parallel reality?  Just the fact that you keep your mind busy, your attention busy, your energy busy with this exercises, all directed in a way that is constructive towards the kind of life you want, will make you massively move towards your dream!  You have all the “ingredients” to make it happen, just put them together and see them grow into your new life.  GO FOR IT SUPERHERO!

Thank you to Stephen Hawking, Bashar, Abraham-Hicks, and all the philosophers and imaginative artists that bring the real “fantasy world” to us through their creation.

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