Victoria Vives - Personal PowerWhen an extremely stressing situation occurs our hypothalamus sends out a chemical signal to the adrenal glands activating the sympathetic system.

Then we start releasing adrenaline and noradrenalin, awakening our state of readiness to confront danger.

Our heart rate rises, our respiration increases, our pupils dilate… and our muscles contract more powerfully achieving amazing strength and agility.

We become more alert and use more energy.

My personal experience is that not only danger stimulates this adrenaline response, but any kind of excitement does this in more or less amount.

I had a voice teacher that made me aware of how the nervousness of going on stage would give me the adrenaline I needed to optimally respond to the situation.

When I train I find three things that help me generate Superhuman Strength. These three things you already know if you listened to The 5 Superhero Secrets (the free audio series that I launched in 2010). 💪

💥Play Like a Kid or a Wild Animal
💥Leverage my Efforts with the Power of a Team
💥Anticipate the Joy of reaching Objectives

Now, it’s your turn to embrace your personal power.🌟 Tell me in the comments below how you will do it. I’m very excited to find out. 😀

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