The power of focusBOOK DAY 33: What are you focusing on right now? Energy and focus, such beautiful treasures that we are gifted as part of our free will.

There are so many things that each of us would like to accomplish and yet, we might be moved and swayed by the oceans of obligations and responsibilities as well as the many distractions from the “screen age”, the times of computers, mobiles, and other devices.

Writing a book is something I have been wanting to do for years. I wrote comic books in my preteens and wrote poetry in my teens, yet, only now am I truly making it happen.

✨ How are you guiding your energy today? ✨ Is it in harmony with what you want to accomplish in your new future? ✨

Taking ownership of one’s focus is essential, now more than ever, in our history.

✨ May you have success in all your endeavors and much laser focus to you, beautiful soul! ✨

Much love.


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