Smile Quote Prettiest ThingBOOK DAY 127: Happy Sunday!! As I write this post, it is my intention that you will read it at a time in which it can inspire you in some way smile

So the theme is… SMILE! One of my favorite “tools” for happiness. Smiling not only feels good to do, but it also makes others feel good. Don’t feel like smiling? You may be surprised how the physical act of showing happiness will also create the feeling and chemistry of it. A simple yet powerful technique that I have often used during rough times. Give it try! Smile laughing

And… if you are needing some extra support today, just comment with your name and we will include you in the healing circle as part of the Sound Healing certification course with a circle of fifteen wonderful Healers!

Can’t wait to share more in my upcoming book “In a Matter of Seconds” about how to move beyond tough moments in one’s life by smiling and healing!

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