Victoria Vives - Prosperity and Healing CrystalHAPPY 2020, BEAUTIFUL FRIEND!!! I am beyond excited to start a new year together, a new decade.

Here is the Prosperity & Healing Crystal Grid where some of you asked to be added to receive healing for 12 days.

Some of you have asked if there is still time to be added and in Spain we also celebrate the 3 Kings for this Holiday Season, on the night of January 5th. So I decided to do an encore for this free healing offering, extending it until January 5th! Just comment to be added ✨💎✨

To a fantastic and joyful 2020 together!!!

PS: This gird has Ametrine 💎 Amethyst 💎 Citrine 💎 Pyrite 💎 Clear Quartz 💎 Selenite 💎 Apophyllite 💎 Coins 💎

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