BOOK DAY 40: Have you experienced betrayal? There are many reasons why an individual might behave in a way that betrays someone close to them. Sometimes these actions are made out of ignorance or apathy, sometimes out of jealousy and spite, perhaps pride; oftentimes these actions might be brought on by stress and desperation. Despite the reasons a betrayal is made, the pain it causes is always deep and the wounds can be long lasting.

As devastating as it can be, being betrayed is a wake up call that reminds us that we live in a world of duality so if truthful, loyal people exist then the opposite also exists. Betrayal teaches us to be more discerning in our relationships and understanding that not everyone has the same values in life.

In the past, my inability to believe that someone would lie or be untruthful has made me a subject of betrayal. We better keep putting all our best toward integrity so that we avoid inflicting this primal wound upon another, while believing in the good of humankind and surround ourselves with those we can trust.
As you look deep into the horizon of what is to come, strengthen your heart and keep it open and pure for those who honor it. More on this in my upcoming book “In a Matter of Seconds”.

Image by WestCoastScapes.

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