YAYY!! Jamming at the Sequoias at Elements Gathering

EXCITING NOTE: When I transferred the video to my computer I found out that the recording started at 7:17pm on 7/17/2017 and went for 17min!!!! PURE MAGIC!

Gerald C. Rivers on the Handpan, Matthew Machu on Didgeridoo+Flute+SingingBowl+Vocals, Antony Bartlett on the drum… and yours truly, Victoria Vives on Vocals.

Thank you, Rachel Natland and Chris Morasky for creating Elements Gathering!

Video taken with a cellphone on my right hand while jamming, it adds some rhythm to it! The full session was 40min.

http://PyramidAscending.com A Collective of Musicians for Upliftment, Revealing Hidden Realms through Sound… The journey begins!!! HAPPY NEW MOON!


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