Last night, February 23rd 2010, I completed Reiki Level I, so I am now a practitioner. I gave my first three treatments then and three more await today. This brings me great happiness!

I always had great… how should I call it? Energy? Power? Intensity? This capacity could do good or bad, could build or destroy. It has been a long journey of “taming” myself. A lot of learning. I now feel ready for a new life, to giving my best, helping others, creating Heaven on Earth, experiencing myself as LOVE.

I practiced the art of channeling energy long long ago in Spain, in a Metaphysics group. I remember those times as some of the best in my life. Helping others feel good while feeling so good inside. That is the way in which you can help others feel good, by feeling good inside first, holding that intention and then extending it to others. It is simpler than it seems, even simpler than making others feel bad, because the nature and basis of life is one of love and wellbeing.

I plan on doing a semi open house Reiki, perhaps next week, so if you are in LA or San Gabriel Valley and you want to come, let me know!

Much Love,

Victoria’s REIKI group

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