Victoria Vives' ReflectionsBOOK DAY 21: Reflections…

Hi Beautiful Soul. It’s Memorial Day weekend and it is one of those Holidays that brings such a complex mix of emotions and thoughts on the very charged subject of war and loss. I feel fortunate to be living my life’s purpose to bring positive transformation and happiness to the world. This is the reason I am writing my book, “In a Matter of Seconds”, and the reason for many of the things I do.

War is a highly charged, multifaceted, and controversial topic and whether we support a cause of any particular war or not, conflict and violence are significant facets of human history and behavior that have lead to some of our greatest collective traumas but also to some of our greatest collective insights as conscious beings.

May we, this weekend, stand on behalf of all of life, for the releasing of any collective trauma and the support of those in suffering and need of a healing hand. I believe in a world of peace and with a deep desire for transformation and an appreciation for how far we have come, as a collective, it is important to remember and honor all of those who are no longer with us.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


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