DAY 1:  New Moon Secrets Revealed : )

Victoria Vives in New York

If you know me, you might have noticed that I am a very private person. As outgoing as I am, I have a strong sense of privacy. There is an announcement that I have been wanting to make official and yet, I keep postponing it *sighs*.

I have briefly mentioned it in passing in one of my videos, however, this is it. Here it comes! If I would have been given a dime each time I was told that my life story is like a movie and I should write a book, I would be in the Bahamas right now living la vida loca.

Well, let me tell you, with this beautiful New Moon in Taurus tonight, the time for me to share that story has arrived! 

In January, I started writing my first ever book to be published (other than those for my healing classes). A biography in which I share with you how I turned around the challenges in my life so that you can do the same with yours.

Victoria Vives in New YorkStaying in Los Angeles just had too many distractions and life was getting in the way, so last month, I came to New York and I am making sure I get this done. I am here alone, in secret and in seclusion, writing day and night with the desire that I will be able to support your path, bring you inspiration, and nurture a more intimate relationship with you as I share some of my most private thoughts and memories that NOBODY knows! 

I am very very excited for this!  I love you!

Victoria Vives


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