Hi Friends!

Last week, I was in the Mojave Desert, attending an amazing workshop with Sandra Ingerman. It was called Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light. Sandra is pure light herself, so it has been an amazing experience and I strongly recommend her work. She is also so generous, that invited us to share the things we learned, so I will be sharing some of them at my upcoming Shamanic Workshop.

Until then, I want to share a Shamanic Healing song with you! In the Shamanic tradition, there is a process called Extraction. In this process, stagnant energy or energy intrusions can be removed in order to cleanse one’s energetic field. This Shamanic song, asks the sun to extract from us any physical or emotional pain. Practicing this every morning, can result in improved health and it honors the sun, which gives us warmth, light and energy each and every day. This appreciation to our sun and all the elements was something common in ancient traditions. Nowadays, we seem to take these powerful sources (earth, water, fire, air) for granted. It is time to reconnect with Nature and create a better World for us and the generations to come!

When you sing along with me in this video, just follow the lyrics that show up and sing loudly and passionately! This will bring the best healing and connection with the sun. Singing is often used in Shamanism and it helps healing depression, mobilizing ones energy, and connecting us with our breath. Our breath connects us with our spiritual aspect.

Enjoy it!! With Love & Blessings,


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