Leaving the Matrix of the Working World by Sharon Schloss


“In the two days following our discussion, I have gained so much more insight into how

important it is to get out of wage slavery. I am at the beginning of my journey to escape

the 9-5 trap, and am still in the learning phase and finding out new reasons to value my

time over money. Since this lifetime is so short, it would be terrible to waste another

precious moment.


I thought that getting older meant that I needed to be more “responsible” as far as

having a decent wage and health insurance. Now I understand that being responsible

means doing the right thing for others, not just working toward my own survival. This is

a decision that comes out of love rather than fear. Our societal expectations are

contrary to what is actually good for people. Since I have been given the gift of

curiosity, understanding, knowledge, and an open mind and heart, I found Wilhelm

Reich’s great suppressed discovery of cosmic orgone, our energy, the Earth’s energy,

and the energy of the universe. This is the key to transmuting all the negativity on the

planet, ending war, and bringing us back to our roots as loving and compassionate



Knowing our true nature, and that our three dimensional view of our world is such a

narrow and limited view of something infinitely vast, I have opened my consciousness to

a higher vibration, and want to help others do the same. I still have a long way to go,

but let’s go there together! How can I continue working only for money and material

perks so that I can enjoy being a total zombie on the weekend, go out for some GMO

food and alcoholic beverages, and take in some fake music and an illuminati propaganda

movie? All this, of course, after I recover from a deadening week of shuffling papers

with numbers and currency signs on them so that rich people can continue to trade

currency amongst themselves. What is the point of working so hard for an institution

which is enforcing obsolete ways of thinking? Is it worth giving up my time which could

be spent healing the planet so that I can enjoy material things which I don’t need

anyway? Of course I would die regretful if I stayed plugged into a system designed only

to perpetuate itself while destroying everything and everyone on Earth.


Many people are now experiencing the shift, and it comes with a lot of turmoil and pain,

but of course is worth it and much better than being asleep! I need to be free to help

counsel those in need and most of all, provide life giving orgone energy through massive

gifting efforts and getting it into the hands of people everywhere. Gabe and I have

accomplished so much in the past year, improving the energy in LA, bringing peace to

the inner city, and assisting the Earth in bringing back rain and restoring the hydrological

cycle to California. I can just imagine how much we will do when our work is not

relegated to nights and weekends.


Getting out of the prison of full time work is essential to having the energy you need to

do your real life’s work. Money is actually not a problem at all. People want to help

each other, and a new economy completely separate from the old paradigm McDonald’s

economy is emerging. In this new economy we all have gifts to contribute, no matter

what our interest is. We are all seeking the same thing, truth, Universal love, and a

reconnection with the cosmic orgone, the source of love and life. There are wonderful

people contributing in the fields of nutrition, health, energy healing, meditation,

alternative media and real news, alternatives to the dollar, free energy, and more. The

paradigm shift is here, so I am diving in before the old system crumbles to the ground,

which will be any day now!”

By Sharon Schloss.



Sharon’s Website: http://www.thechembow.com

Sharon’s Blog: www.thechembow.tumblr.com

Orgonite Sky: https://victoriavives.com/sharon-schloss

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