Sharon Schloss

Sharon Schloss

VIDEO and RADIO Interview on SATURDAY JULY 11th ~ SPECIAL GUEST:  Sharon Schloss.  Sharon Schloss is an anti-geoengineering activist, researcher, and writer from Los Angeles. She began her life as an artist and musician with a BFA from UCLA and spent many years touring with live bands throughout the western US.

About four years ago, when the severity of the worldwide geoengineering programs hit home due to finding out the connection between her persistent health problems and the “persistent contrails” in the atmosphere, her life changed. From this point on she devoted her life to studying and raising awareness of these catastrophic covert operations.

As it became more abundantly clear that petitioning the government to stop the spraying wasn’t yielding results, she found out a real solution to removing chemtrails and much more from the atmosphere, orgone energy, discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s. Sharon has done public talks, including panels and seminars at the Survival of Humanity Conference and Conscious Life Expo, and has been a guest on Jimmy Church’s “Fade to Black,” Truth Be Told on UBN, Adam Vs. the Man hosted by Adam Kokesh, and Revolution Radio with Wendy.

Her interview for Beyond Belief with George Noory on Gaiam TV will air in the coming months. She runs the websites The Chembow ( and the blog site “Somewhere Under the Chembow” (, where she educates the public about climate engineering, its negative impact on people and the environment, and how to use orgone energy to clean up the atmosphere and neutralize harmful EMF. This work has led her toward a life of helping people learn how to remove these toxic elements from their lives through the use of orgone, or scalar energy. Through working with this free energy, she has been learning and sharing the spiritual awakening that could only happen in the face of such darkness.



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