Solar Annular Eclipse

Celestial events have awed us throughout history, prehistory, and even now. The upcoming Annular Solar Eclipse on June 20th along with the New Moon in Cancer occurring, at 11:41 pm PDT. It will be amazing as the moon travels between the Earth and Sun. This is the second of 3 Eclipses during the month of June.

Tonight’s celestial event is especially significant for the Divine Feminine as Cancer is generally seen as the “mother” of the Zodiac in the sense that it’s driving energies are that of nurturing and emotions.

How amazing is that!

The general consensus in Western astrology for the upcoming celestial event also points towards the creation of something both new and of massive significance in our lives as individuals and as a global community.

Although the Solar Eclipse won’t be visible from North America, since the moon’s shadow will be cast on the opposite side of the world at 11:41 pm PDT, we can still be awed by the pure majesty of the event. What will you be doing during tonight’s Solar Eclipse?

This event could not be more synchronistic as preparations for the launch of the Ecstatic Woman Experience are in full swing.

I, for one, will be in deep connection with the Divine Feminine and so looking forward to sharing this amazing wisdom with you!

More on that next week. Until then, would you like to work with the moon’s energy for your spiritual growth?

You can start a transformational ritual by setting an intention to manifest when the New Moon rises.

Check my new video for a Divine Feminine song and my previous one to find out how to set your intention and what are are the next steps for a successful New Moon ritual:

Much Love,


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